Documentary on Al Queda in Yemen

Listen carefully to some of the more subtle things said in this documentary. For example, Al Queda follows what the film maker calls, ‘their interpretations of sharia’. I would bet that they do not. I would bet they use interpretations of sharia as prescribed by muslim ‘scholars’ which are more accurately described as jurists. Most likely from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and from Al Azaar, the people who sponsored Obama’s Cairo speech in 2009.

The very same people who have managed to trick their way into power in Egypt. The ones morons in the white house claim are, ‘secular and liberal and democratic’.

H/T Don Laird

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4 Replies to “Documentary on Al Queda in Yemen”

  1. Illuminating and unsettling… battle lines are being drawn around the world….the reality is this war will not end until we destroy these people in their entirety and grind the totality of islam into dust…..

    When the next Al Qaeda/Taliban sponsored picnic unfolds in a European or North American city and, as a result, we bury hundreds of innocent men, women and children, then will the politicians begin to take these men seriously?…..when I ask you?….when these men who have written their intent boldly on signs and screamed it from the rooftops and in our faces…….these men who walk amongst us as little more than grinning jackals amongst the sheep…….these men whose actions and intent are above our laws as terrorists like Khadr are returned and set loose in Toronto to a rock star welcome and the open arms and loving embrace of thousands of his kind who wish for nothing more than our butchery……when these men set loose a torrent of our innocent blood to run rivers down the streets of a city near you?…when I ask you?

    I wonder……perhaps its time we listened to them…..perhaps its time we believed them and took them at their word.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Don you may be right, unfortunately it will take several centuries before the majority of people will accept this.

  3. Hello Richard….

    As the old expression goes……”why put off till tomorrow, that which can be done today?”

    It begins as we are doing now…..posting it to every corner of the earth.

    I am beginning to notice changes across western Canada……people are now waking up to the threat of islam…..and the threat of its fanatical disciples… steps Richard…..let us take baby steps and let us speak to at least 10 new people every day….its what I do, from cashiers to truck drivers to waitresses to doctors to nurses……I hand them a copy of the August 9/2010 cover of Time Magazine…..I let Bibi Aisha tell her story with the gaping wounds where her ears and nose used to be….I tell many people that her face is the true face of islam……..

    Rest assured Richard….after a small conversation the person is left as a stone cold adversary of islam….

    Baby steps Richard… steps……..10 people per day in a calm rational conversation…….and as the power of exponentiality rules…..these speak to 10 and they speak to 10 and they speak to 10……….and before you know it………our dream comes true…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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