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5 Replies to “Sharia4Belgium puts on a little show for us all”

  1. Rhetorical questions:
    *How come this stuff is not reported in Australia and elsewhere.
    *How long must we pretend that nothing is wrong.
    When the bullets start flying saying “I told you so” will be cold comfort.

  2. James Boom:

    As much as it seems obvious to you and I that we need to deal harshly with Islam it shouldn’t and will not happen yet.

    At this point cutting back on immigration would be about all we can do until we are ready to fight under WWII rules.

    Ask the people around you most do not feel threatened by Islam yet. That isn’t only because of the media it is because Islam has no well organized well planned effort to destroy us. They would like to but they are unable to. Some nuclear weapons might change things or an some kind of unification of Islamic states might be another but they are not a threat worth noticing yet. They are at present a bunch of ‘want to be’ theocratic thugs.

    The only way we will fight under WWII rules is if a sizable percentage of some countries populations was killed and I am not so sure that can be Israel.

    The Allies didn’t enter WWII until about 16% of the polish population were killed. before then we let the Nazi’s do what they wanted.

    If we go without WWII rules as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan then we are wasting our good men’s lives for nothing.


  3. OxAO:

    “Islam has no well organized well planned effort to destroy us”

    I am very sorry to inform you, that they do, they are, we are mostly utterly oblivious to it and refuse to look at it even when it is shoved in our face.

    More on this later. But frankly if you want to know what it is, read the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) English website carefully, keeping in mind what they mean by terms like ‘freedom’ and ‘justice’ (to implement shariah law) and read kut’b’s book, Milestones, which is nothing more and certainly nothing less, than the exact plan you refer to, the one they use, the one that is beating us.

  4. They do have a well planned and organized plan to destroy us, their weak stop is the way their culture prevents them from having a long term disciplined military. After he invaded Egypt Napoleon said that in a one on one fight the Moslems would win, but that five European soldiers could defeat one hundred Moslems warriors.

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