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3 Replies to “North African illegal immigrants rapidly develop a reputation in Israel”

  1. Around the world multiculturalism has lost its shine.

    No longer are we feeling warm and fuzzy about having our countries, our heritage, our cultures, our traditions and our very way of life destroyed by those who desire the coddled status of the hyphenated-guest/citizen…..the same who comes to a country bringing little more than a burden on their hosts and a sense of entitlement and expectation based on little more than an over-productive womb, the ability to fog a mirror and a heightened sense of the colour of their skin (and all that entitles them to…..including preferential treatment for the remainder of their lives)

    For decades now we have been slapped around by the lunatic totalitarianism of the leftist politically correct. The seething undercurrent of resentment has now bubbled to the surface and a backlash is well under way….

    Witness the two women in Britain who, sitting on public transit, spoke nothing but the truth….now persecuted by the State….much to the delight of those who have infested her country and demanded her hand in destroying and corrupting the inheritance given her by generations before her.

    Europe is now a powder-keg and anyone who states differently is delusional…..witness the rage felt by the Austrians….as they refuse to accept waves and waves of what amount to little more than EUP (European Union Parasites) into their countries, a result of countries like Turkey who, with a smirk and a giggle, opened the floodgates pursuant to the edicts of the fascist tyrants who run the EU.

    Watch this:


    No my friends, thankfully the wake-up call is racing around the world……and perhaps, just perhaps we can cure the cancer that threatens us.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. The Israeli is a mighty man, but he gave up polygamy under Christian pressure. He has become a sexual Christian, a Jesus, his mother is a hairdresser. If the Israeli gives up his idolatry of monogamy, and stops spilling his seed in the Russian prostitute, as spilling the seed is a most serious crime in Talmudic Judaism, I will give him the right to take the Palestinian woman as his harem slave. I am a Prophet, I prophesized that Islam will bleed to death in Syria. Israel is eaten away by cancer, the Ultra-Orthodox breed like rabbits, but do not contribute to society. Only giving up his Judaism will save the Israeli. The Israeli man will be a mawali, and cannot marry the European woman. On the other hand, he can marry as many wives as he wishes, as was his birthright under Judaism.

  3. Hmmm… they are refugees. But we shouldn’t keep them indefinitely. they need to go. Especially now that South Sudan is its own country, why are they still here? The government needs to think of its citizens as well. the people tolerated it because things were hard in Sudan. (don’t know about Eritria– i wouldnt call them “refugees”) but for how long? and how many?

    Israel took them in. Even went out into the desert to find them because they were getting shot by Egyptians on site (imagine that!! Muslim refugees seeking a home in a Muslim land getting shot dead. of course the media was all over that one). Revamped various places to hold them, fed them, etc etc etc. but it can’t go on forever. I think now is a perfect time to send them back because S. Sudan is independent.

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