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3 Replies to “SUN TV busts Bernie Farber and Canadian, ‘human rights’ commissions”

  1. Human rights are idolatry. Allah hates human rights, but Iblis hates them even more. Iblis doesn’t kneel for mere humans. As long as the West keeps kneeling for this false god of human rights, Almightly Iblis will allow the muslim to flog the Westerner.


    This is an occasional commentary that I update about once every 3 or 4 months dependent on world and home events.

    It is imperative that you debase the countries indigenous stock by means of mass immigration coupled with an ideology that celebrates the other for its ‘richness and diversity’’. In actuality this means rejecting the indigenous existing diversity within a nation and its regions as somehow inferior; that it is somehow less rich and diverse than the ‘exotic’ cultures that should replace them. This the essence of Multiculturalism or replacement theory.

    Multiculturalism is an alternative to the homogeneous national state and seeks to replace it by overcoming and eventually destroying national cultures by means of unlimited immigration, infiltration of its existing institutions by Marxists using the Frankfurt school techniques, the corruption of the media and most essentially the corruption of politics and it is this that is the lynchpin on which all the other methods mentioned succeed or fail.

    To truly ruin a country it is necessary to infest the whole Educational /Judicial /Political systems with Frankfurt/Common Purpose school clones, Marxists and Liberals all the while explaining that this is in the interests of equality and fairness – after all, who could reasonably oppose equality and fairness without being called a “bigot”.

    Thus the terms “equality and fairness” are turned into weapons and their meanings debased and reversed as bigotry is the realm of those who object for whatever reason.

    Indeed guilt is the name of the game and something these creatures are quite adept at manipulating and managing. Adroitly turning each against the other. Because these creatures have no decency, morals or inhibitions when confronted with those who are the class enemy.

    All they are concerned with is replacing “false consciousness” with the intellectual and moral uplands that they inhabit and that they know everybody else wants even if they are not aware of it due to false consciousness. That these uplands represent a desolation for millions or billions is not a factor; true disciples never falter and all loses, though regrettable are justified in the war against oppression, injustice and unfairness.

    This Multicultural/PC approach is then adopted wholesale by every significant institution in society and those opposing it are branded racists, bigots or more recently “Islamophobes” depending on which minority is being promoted as a revolutionary agent by these same Marxists whose whole modus operandi is to promote the “equality and fairness” previously alluded too.

    The BBC is a case in point does not inform opinion, it seeks to change it and to manipulate it. In fact its motto should be “It is not our job to explain the world, it is to transform it”. Its present motto is ” Nation shall speak unto nation” but what nation and on whose behalf ?

    The first in the firing line are the working class who to whom the foul labels are
    applied wholesale . The white working class who are deemed to be the fount of all evil as they are labeled as sexist, racist, ignorant bigots whose whole world view is circumscribed by the legacy of Imperialism and old fashioned moral values such as community, family, class loyalty and that worst of all newly minted crimes patriotism and Nationalism.

    Nationalism and patriotism are then conflated into being seen as Nazism therefore all patriots and nationalists are by definition Nazis in this brave new world; one that was consigned to the rubbish bin of history by the second world war only to be replaced by Multicultural fascism.

    Thus the democratic values for which our fathers and forefathers fought for are, in Trotskies phrase “consigned to the rubbish bin of history”.

    It also becomes incumbent on the ruling elites and the Unions to smash what little resistance is left and thus a war is declared on all Nationalists – a war that continues. The supporters of Nationalism refuse to bend the knee and are variously assaulted by state sponsored organizations like the UAF, prosecuted, banned from certain forms of
    employment and generally vilified. They are also infiltrated, spied upon, undermined
    and monitored to ensure the safety and tranquility of the state and to inspire fear amongst those who step out of line.

    This strategy is an important precursor for what comes next.

    The Trade Unions do nothing to counter these scurrilous accusations against their own members preferring instead to adopt wholesale this new ideology as it chimes in with their Marxist predilections as most of their functionaries are graduates of the Common Purpose/Frankfurt school (having replaced the true working class representatives over time).

    This tendency accelerates from the mid 60s to the present day with neo Marxist union functionaries representing the elites in the Labour party and following their own class interests. Make no mistake about it, the Union elites do represent a class apart from those they lead and this class is their to negotiate with whatever elites are in power usually to the detriment of those who pay them.

    Then the manufacturing base is exported (blaming it on Globalization and the need to produce goods more cheaply) and close down the productive capacity to produce our own energy (the mines) and waste the bonanza of north sea oil and gas by not investing it in creating a sustainable high quality manufacturing base. Instead creating a subculture of previously proud working class communities and families whom are totally dependent on the state and its “Education” system that is nothing more than a brainwashing facility to ensure insofar as is possible that they have reduced the possibility of revolt.

    Something that is never explained is why we import cheap labour through immigration then export the very industries that were supposed to benefit from it.

    This in turn prepares the way for the adoption of something called “green energy” that cannot be criticised (just like Multiculturalism) because it is good for the planet and therefore the people. In tandem with this drive for green energy there is a massive worldwide propaganda machine created around the concept of man made Global Warming based on dodgy science and supported by elites who stand to gain in various ways and forms from the adoption of this ideology. Carbon trading and credits stand out in this regard as a method of exporting wealth and industry from developed to developing nations.

    That the green solutions are expensive, do not work and the components are all made abroad (as is the case in Britain) is ignored. Wind farms are going to cost billions over the next 20 to 30 years and back up generation capacity in the form of coal or gas is still going to be required.

    This however is ignored as an inconvenient fact.

    The green activists are also against nuclear power so this option that is far cheaper than the so called “green” alternatives is ditched as being unsafe once again on unproven grounds. But ideology trumps logic and economic realities.
    This also ignores the fact that China and the rest of the developing world are building far more coal-fired power stations than are being shut down in the developed, western world thus negating any carbon savings made and that they are heavily investing in nuclear power.

    Then they create a system where %50 of the working/retired population is in fact employed or dependent by the state and are thus its clients and have an interest in maintaining the status quo. That this is not sustainable because it is economically and socially unfeasible is also ignored. In effect they create two tiers working classes within the system, those who cannot work due to their low educational attainments and lack of actual jobs and another that looks down on those they service but both are wholly beholden to their paymasters.

    Both are slaves to the system.

    They replace the manufacturing base with bankers in the square mile and are thus held hostage by them and they, in tandem with the governments of the day encourage credit, cheap loans and this vastly inflates the value of property thus making people feel rich until the bubble pops. When this happens it is suddenly discovered that the whole “boom” was a fraud perpetrated on credit and fueled by various financial institutions selling debt to each other (credit default swaps).

    This results in mass unemployment a global recession and social disruption and is exacerbated by the fact that immigration has diluted the bonds that held the indigenous community together.

    Thus it becomes incumbent on the various newly created “communities” to look after their own interests and as most of them are clients of the state the scramble for resources, state jobs and grants (money to you and me) reaches new highs.

    The interests of the working class indigenous community and increasingly the newly pauperized middle classes are viewed as secondary as their institutions that would have and should have defended them (the Unions and Parliament) have been subverted and they are viewed as second class citizens in their own country.

    Meanwhile the various ethnic communities are ably defended by a mixture of white middle class guilt, the EHRC, “Community Leaders”, the legal profession (Liberty et al), MPs, MEPs, the European Union and various pro-immigrant legislation that comes from Brussels and our Parliament. Nothing to be done about kicking out terrorists its the fault of Brussels.

    Now we come to the European Union and it is enough to say that our elites have subverted the unwritten constitution, given away large chunks of our sovereignty, bent the knee to unelected functionaries in Brussels, given huge tranches of money to this project, subverted British law in favour of stupid and malicious EU directives and are guilty of treason. The British people have had no referendum, no consultation and have been sold down the river by successive governments of whatever stripe.

    We have seen and are seeing the logical conclusion of the EU power grab with the takeover of Greece and Italy (soon to be followed by Spain and Portugal) by unelected technocrats who are wholly in thrall to the EU and are its top exponents and senior managers most of whom are ex-Marxists or allied to the Frankfurt School or Common Purpose.

    I predict that these moves will be an insult too far for these peoples; it will ignite a Nationalist backlash, provoke anti immigration riots and lead to civil strife not seen in Europe since the thirties.

    This is ironic as the EU was supposed to have been constructed to put a stop to these very phenomena and to end the supposed threat of Nationalism/war that as a result of the anti-democratic policies of the elites has been ignited in all of the countries
    of Europe.

    The so-called “independent” MSM is drafted in to placate and explain to the masses
    any bumps along the road and the BBC has lost its accountability and credibility. Witness Question Time that is full of hand-picked stooges as an audience and the increasing dross it produces by way of entertainment. This entertainment like Coronation St or Eastenders that confirms and promotes the various notions of multiculturalism and the newly minted word “Community Cohesion”. A cohesion that is becoming unraveled as the indigenous people find out the true nature of some of those who they have to cohere too. As the riots, grooming, terrorism and other cultural practices particularly of the Muslims become exposed.

    The state encourages welfare dependency, teenage pregnancies, single parent households, debase the institution of marriage and encourage promiscuity. In fact anything to debase and destroy “traditional values” because these do not encourage equality and fairness as depicted by them.

    Combined with this we also have the introduction of a new morality that is exclusively based on consumerism and a get rich quick mentality. This mentality/immorality is encouraged by the sight of MPs and MEPs defrauding the public purse in the most egregious ways thus debasing the currency of parliament as being lawmakers and the institution of law. This compounding the cynicism and frustration felt by increasing numbers of the population – this is partly what led to the riots we witnessed recently in the UK .

    With more to come soon.

    And even when the riots occur, various pundits and politicians appear baffled by the sheer scale and viciousness of them. They furiously search for the reasons. That these reasons are staring them in the face is ignored. Immigration, social dislocation, unemployment, ghettoisation, poor education, moral failure on behalf of the politicians and the unassailable fact that most of the rioters were black or asian is particularly glossed over – because this would be “racist”. Or perhaps too close to the truth.

    They have weakened the Police force through a mixture of Human Rights legislation, criticism, Multicult indoctrination and political interference it has now reached a point where they do no understand their jobs or are afraid to do them because they will be pilloried or prosecuted or both. The Police are told that they are “institutionally racist” thus the’ application of the law becomes fragmented and not all are seen as
    being equal before it.

    This exceptionalism applies to all ethnic minorities but Muslims are seen as a special case and are treated especially leniently. This is because alone of the minorities introduced into Britain by successive governments this community harbours the capacity for massive social chaos in the form of terrorism and the authorities are afraid of them. They also form a cohesive entity that can switch allegiances at the drop of a hat and determine elections.

    The recent election of Galloway should alert these fools as to how their policies have in fact emboldened the Muslims and that the Muslims owe allegiance to none but their pedophile prophet. But it will not.

    Then they engage in foreign wars without any justification and without the consent (again) of the people thus causing resentment amongst elements of the Muslims who proceed to blow people up in this country. This also costs huge amounts of blood and treasure and having learned nothing from the previous debacles proceed to rattle the sabre at Syria.

    The elites then discover that there is not enough money to pay for all of this so they have a defence review and at the same time engage in another war in Libya soon to be followed by Syria, but this time they sense that people are not interested.and are very concerned by their support of the Arab Spring that has bought Islamic tyranny to those nations involved in it. Witness the situation in Egypt and the upcoming massacre and despoliation/enslavement of the Copts.

    They have debased the currency by printing money that has no substantial assets to back it up (as most of the productive capital has been moved abroad) thus encouraging inflation that further debases the currency. And please be aware that the next period will be an inflationary one no matter what they say.

    This is known variously as financial rape, mechanised crime or elite looting. In tandem with this various elements of the elite looters are discovered to have overstepped the mark and are given derisory prison sentences (or none at all) and the judicial/financial and political systems kick in to cover everything up aided and abetted by the MSM.
    Having done all of this – and this list is not exhaustive the politicians, pundits and other assorted “worthies” take a well deserved break but not before giving themselves a well deserved pay rise or a slap on the back or both.

    How long this perilous situation can go on for is anybodies guess – but it cannot go on forever, that much is sure.

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