UPDATE: Lip eating wife torturer is Iranian ‘prof’

http://avpixlat.info/2012/05/30/vidrigt-skamvald-docent-skar-av-och-at-upp-fruns-lappar/ (relevant excerpt):

The suspected individual is Hodjattallah Rabbani, born 1960 and in need of a persian interpreter. He is arrested, suspected  on probabale grounds for seemingly severe abuse. He has now been led to the forensic psychiatry ward at Huddinge.

http://kikatalogen.ki.se/kikat/faces/personView.xhtml;jsessionid=29ba4c91581841458a86d479f157?lin=6990 [<– his webpage at Karolinska Institutet]

Thank you Michael Laudahn:

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  1. Yeah, don’t blame this on Islam, his wife wasn’t even slaughtered Halal. Nothing to do with Islam at all. -Iftikhar Ahmad

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