CNN does good piece on treatment of women in Afghanistan…

but in failing to mention the role of Islam/sharia law in it, is utterly negligent and complicit in some ways. Much like covering the Holimador and not mentioning Stalin, or the critical and central role communist ideology played in it. We know, what is happening, but are utterly denied the why.

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  1. I find Islam to be liberating not oppressive: women are partners.

    Islam is the first religion which systematically empowered women when women were considered as totally subservient to man. There was no concept of her being an independent entity and enjoying equal right with dignity. We live in a country where women are over-sexualised and sold as ‘products’ for capitalist gains. A woman’s beauty is splashed around everywhere, and she is only judged by that. Islam tells a woman to cover up so that she is not abused as Western women are. Islam provides the security and respect to women community than other religions. The western countries are using the women as an entertainment channels. All the women in the world should think about themselves then decide what is right and what is wrong for them in other religions (than Islam)

    What is feminism? Nothing but women’s movement to empower her and to consider her full human being and not mere second sex as ‘Simon de Bouire called her. Thus we see in western countries until early part of twentieth century she did not enjoy an independent status. It was only after thirties of twentieth century that she won equal status legally and various western countries passed the laws to this effect. Yet patriarchy is looming large on her in these countries.

    Qur’an empowered her and gave equal status. Another important question is what is the difference between Islamic and western feminism or is there any difference at all. If we go by definition of feminism as an ideology of empowerment of women, there is no difference. On the other hand, women had no rights and but won through great deal of struggle and this struggle came to be known as ‘feminism’ i.e. women’s empowerment.

    But there are significant differences also between Islamic and western feminism. Islamic feminism is based on certain non-negotiable values i.e. equality with honour and dignity. Freedom has certain Islamic responsibility whereas in the west freedom tends to degenerate into licentiousness, though not in law but certainly in social and cultural practices. In western culture sexual freedom has become a matter of women’s right and sex has become matter of enjoyment and lost its sanctity as an instrument of procreation.

    Qur’an does lay down certain strict norms for sexual behavior. Both man woman have right to sexual gratification (a woman has as much right to sexual gratification as man) but within marital frame-work. There is no concept of freedom for extramarital sex in any form. Sex is permissible only with marital framework. Sex, as far as Islam is concerned, is not mere enjoyment but an act for procreations and hence has sanctity.

    It is important here to emphasize that in a patriarchal society men decided the norms of sexual behavior. It was theorized that man has greater urge for sex and hence he needs multiple wives and woman tends to be passive and hence has to be content with one. This is not true as far as Qur’an is concerned. Qur’an’s approach is very different. It is not greater or lesser degree of sexual urge which necessitates multiple or monogamous marriage.

    Whole emphasis is on monogamous marriage (in both the Qur’anic verses i.e. 4:3 and 4:129). Multiple marriages were permitted only to take care of widows and orphans and not for greater sexual urge and the verse 4:129 gives the norm of monogamy and not to leave first wife in suspense or neglected. Thus as far as Qur’an is concerned sexual gratification is a non-negotiable right for both man woman. And hence a divorcee and a widow are also permitted to marry and gratify their sexual urge.

    Also, in western capitalist countries women’s dignity has been compromised and she has been reduced to a commodity to be exploited. Her semi-naked postures and her sexuality is exploited commercially unabashedly. It is totally against the concept of woman’s honour and dignity. Unfortunately western feminists do not consider this as objectionable but accept it as part of woman’s freedom. Some (though not many) even advocate prostitution as woman’s right to earn her bread.

    This is against the concept of Islamic feminism as while sanctioning sexual gratification as much right of woman as that of man, it prohibits extra-marital sexual liaison and on one hand upholds dignity and honour of woman and on the other, exalts sex on the level of sanctity and restricts it for procreation.. Thus it would be seen that discourse of Islamic feminism, while having something in common with modern western feminism, it also significantly differs from it. Islamic feminists have to observe certain norms which modern western feminists are not obliged to.

    There is institutionalised oppression of women in all cultures. In India Hindu female foetocide numbers approximately two million every year. Hinduism is rife with sexism. Women are classed as objects owned by men. The Muslims from the Sub-continent were converted from Hinduism. They carry even now a lot of Hindu traditions of dishonouring women mostly in isolated ruler areas. In urban areas Muslims are well educated both Islamically and worldly and women have all the rights given by Islam.

    UNICEF photo of the year shows, a bridegroom, 40, with his 11-year-old bride in Afghanistan. The bridegroom is going to take care of her and their future children. UNICEF photo of the year must show that the teenage pregnancies and abortion, drug addiction, binge drinking and anti-social behavior is on the rise in Britain. All of them are burden on British tax-payers. This is sickening. It’s no wonder Great Britain is in such a bad shape. Ten years old British girls are haveing babies out of wedlock. They are not allowed to get married but are allowed to have babies. Teenage pregnancy rate in Great Britain is the highest in Western Europe. It is a civilised country and Yemen is a backward country because it allows young girls to get married.

    The Holy Quran gives more rights to women than the so called western civilisation.
    Western Secularism cannot teach Muslims how to treat women. Islam teaches us how to be civilised. Islam is a middle path. Women are even abused in the UK Parliament, which is called the Mother of Parliament. It is not just verbal abuse the female MPs have had to deal with. The tradition of killing women for family honour is a “curse”. Violence against women is a global phenomenon. An Australian Judge failed to jail nine males who admitted gang-raping a 10-year old Aboriginal girl, by saying the victim probably agreed to have sex with them. More than half the babies born to British mothers this year will be outside marriage for the first time since records begins. There is a steady decline in marriage among British couples. Nearly all births to Pakistani mothers are within wedlock.

    The veil signified the rejection of an unacceptable system of values which debased women while Islam elevated women to a position of honour and respect. It is not liberation, where women go naked. It is just oppression, because men want to see them naked. Miniskirts and plunging necklines represent oppression. Veil is a sign of liberation from a prevailing and dangerous western, secular norm – namely, a view of women purely as sexual objects. Western culture is liberalism, and that is in itself a set of norms. But now the time has come that liberalism must change its attitudes because Britain and the whole of West has undergone significant change. It is a fact that a veil cannot be equated with forced marriages, female circumcision or unequal education for girls. The real difference between man and woman is that they have different kinds of bodies designed for very different purposes, and they have also different kinds of mind because these, too, are designed to contribute differently to human needs and purposes. Men tend to be more imaginative and have more flair than women, but women are much more tenacious and better at multilasking than men.

    Muslim boys and Girls need state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Male and female Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. Muslim youths feel torn between two cultures, thanks to the state schools with monolingual non-Muslim teachers. Islam teaches Muslims youths to be virgin but western education system teaches the opposite. It makes their lives very confusing. They suffer from Identity Crises. The solution is that each and every Muslim child should be in state funded Muslim schools because western education makes a man stupid and selfish according to Lord Bertrand Russell.

  2. Once again I can’t get past the first two sentences of one of that ass-hat’s posts without stopping because of the sheer size of the lies.

    1. Koran only mentions a single woman by name. Mary. And that is to make sure all know she is not the mother of god. In other words, to reduce her status.

    2. When mohamed broke his own peace treaty and attacked Mecca he destroyed all the idols at the Kabaa, but mostly he was clear that the idea of worshiping a female deity, of which there were at least three in the dominant religion of the time, was unacceptable and he destroyed them along with the rest, but with special notice.

    Women were about as liberated before Mohamed in that area as they could be before birth control pills. It was most certainly Islam that made women into slaves, then as now. Ifitkhar is merely engaging in the usual milestones process of taqyyia and abrogation which is the, very successful actually, plan to destroy the west from within and by our own hands. But successful or not, his claims remain lies.

  3. Europe is still racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic. It is unable to forget and forgive the seige of Vienna in 1683.

    I fully understand the FEAR & THE INFERIORITY COMPLEX Factor among some Christians / Jews & the Hindu Groups/Individuals when dealing with the subject of ISLAM.

    Today the followers of All the Religions in the World are talking Only about ISLAM, because, it is understandable that You will only talk about SOMETHING WHICH IS TRULY HUGE / GIGANTIC & TREMENDOUSLY SUCCESSFUL, when compared to
    ALL the other religions.

    We will NEVER like to discuss about anything which is INSIGNIFICANT, but ISLAM
    IS HUGELY SIGNIFICANT as the Fastest Growing Religion in the entire World, not
    only Europe or America or Africa or Asia or Australia. ISLAM as a religion is Growing
    Everywhere, by the Grace of the Almighty Allah.

    This is not there in the case of other religions, because THEY ARE ALL OBSOLETE NOW. Only ISLAM is the One and Only LIVE/TRUE religion in this World, hence SPREADING.


    Please do not Demonise ISLAM, Read the Noble Quran to understand what ISLAM really is.

  4. Yes I agree there. Everyone should read Koran so long as they understand abrogation, and know which verses abrogate the other ones. Once you do that, you can never be conned by the usual repetition of the few verses muslims quote when they want to have you believe it isn’t a drooling, rabid, hate filled genocidal creed bent on world domination.

    Yes indeed everyone should read that god-awful book, koran.

  5. Eeyore

    Why do you allow this blogposter Jihadi parasite Ifti on your site? There is hardly any doubt that this parasite on the West will not allow you any such privilege to you, or others not of his debased ideology.

    All Muslims are parasites, just as Mo was. The entire ideology of Islam is plagiarized from Christianity and Judaism, but with the proviso that it was done by a brigand, paedophile and murderer, to suit his own predilections. Gabriel and allah were most accommodating when it came to Mo’s little or large foibles.

  6. I wonder if this Ifti lives in the UK.

    Why is that Muslims just wish to get the hell out of Muslim countries and live in the Christian West?

    Answer – life is better by a long way, and the Benefits are generous. They are parasites on the culture and civilisation that Christians built, and they are parasites on the wealth and science created by such a civilisation.

    What does one do when the parasitic population grows faster then the host can sustain?

  7. @Iftikhar Ahmad
    “Europe is still racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic. It is unable to forget and forgive the seige of Vienna in 1683.”

    Well seeing that the Battle of Vienna took place on September 11th, 1683, and that this was the reason why Al-Qaeda chose THAT date to be the vanguard action of the fresh Islamic assault on the West (when most Westerners were entirely ignorant of the date), I think we have conclusive proof over who finds it impossible to “forgive and forget” their resounding defeat in 1683! Don’t we?

    David Wood encapsulated Islam’s approach to gender equality in a beautifully succinct phrase: “In Islam men and women are about as equal as hammers and nails.”

    I admire your chutzpah Iftikhar, but the truth is we don’t chow down on bullsh1t here, so you’re really better off peddling it somewhere else where people would have an appetite for it.

  8. The hammer and nail analogy says it all. Muslim males have a difficult time with other cultures because they don’t have self-control. They are the misfits who cannot control themselves and therefore force elaborate strictures on the ones who know them for what they really are. Anyone who enslaves another enslaves himself. It ‘s laughable. Kill yourself or kill and abuse others–it does not bring the peace you seek. The whole cult of islam is based on fear and control. But we non-muslims know it for what it is. The superficial things that offend muslims in non-muslim countries are ignored by most of the population. They are a problem for muslims because muslim males cannot control themselves. But you wanted to live in a western country.

  9. DP11:

    Only 1 reason really. It’s one thing for me to constantly harp on about Islam, what it is, what we can expect from it, and quite another to have a living breathing example of it. I can only hope that people who don’t want to take my word for it, will read this guy and get the picture.

    Soon, I hope within the week, maybe sooner, there will be a video some people I know are making, which explain this methodology so well and so clearly that when you go back and read that mustard’s posts they will be revealed for what they are like a hooker in an X-ray

  10. Truly, Iftikhar Ahmad, your name in Jahannam will be abd al ^c^v for you are the worthless slave of the djinn of Copy and Paste. So enslaved to your false comment god are you, that you don’t even bother to correct embarrassing punctuation, grammar, spelling or formatting errors, never mind your spectacularly disingenuous arguments, when they are pointed out to you. Your second comment was a word for word, error for error recapitulation of your comment of May 14th.

  11. DP11

    Iftikhar Ahmad doesn’t even try to answer any questions so he is completely a waste of time.

    I think it would be great to have a real life person of Islam to at least attempt to answer questions.

  12. OxAO:

    As his comments are for the most part cut and paste they are in fact spam. I think he has probably outlived any minor utility he had here. I will likely tune the spam filters his way shortly.

    This gives me a chance to clarify something.

    I am a freedom of speech person and this is a freedom of speech site. But freedom of speech doesn’t mean that a person can work for years creating something then just let anyone or anything just take it over and use it for their own personal agenda or grudges.

    It means that I do not believe that governments should persecute people for their political opinions. That also does not mean I have to embrace those opinions. It means I get to use my freedom of speech to expose and oppose that which I find repugnant. Islam, Communism, Nazism for three.

    I do not owe anyone a platform at all. But neither will I interfere with their right to create their own. I have never launched a technical assault on another website etc. Many many many have been launched against this site. I will argue with people I disagree with, but I notice that, for example, Islamic sites even muslim youtube channels typically disable comments as they will not subject their ideology to scrutiny as that would be paying homage, in their programmed minds, to blasphemy.

    This would also explain why our own Iftikhar or whatever his name is, doesn’t bother to answer nor give original objections. He is obeying his milestones process. A mixture of inviting people to Islam and warning of the consequences of not accepting so that phase two, defensive, then phase 3, offensive action against us can be justified ‘islamically’.

  13. Why should we be upset by a battle we won?

    DP if you don’t stop complementing Mo people will start to think you like him.

  14. Eeyore:

    blasphemy for answering questions. I forgot about that.
    I keep forgetting how utterly ridiculous their belief system is

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