Italy: Muslim revolts over “Spaghetti Bolognese”

This article translated by Hermes from this original Italian news story

Violence, Islam, contagious diseases… a concentrate of all problems of the multicultural society has  emerged in a few days in the refugee camps of Emilia-Romagna (in the region of Bologne) after a horrendous earthquake ravaged northeast Italy. The preferential treatment of immigrant victims added to the sharpening of the situation.


The italian voluntary workers were, in spite of all their good will, simply rolled over by the happenings. Last thursday the Vodafone company  wanted to distribute free telephone cards in the camp of San Felice Sul Panaro in the province of Modena. There a scuffle took place between north african immigrants, during which one of them pulled out his knife and stabbed one of his fellow countrymen.


On saturday a big revolt broke out in the same camp as an italian voluntary worker served a muslim girl a dish of spaghetti Bolognese. Those in charge of maintaining the civil order in the camp explained that everything had simply been a mistake: “The worker gave her the wrong meal by mistake.” But the muslim girl began to cry, summoned all her family and incriminated the managers of the camp of having purposefully insulted islam. The help of the plain-clothes security personnel was needed to restore peace.


“We sincerely did not expect to meet such problems when we applied for the job in the camp of Emilia”, some voluntary workers from Trentino explained. 


In two occasions, the disinfection of a tent inhabited by north Africans was needed because they suffered from an infection of skin mange. After having been disinfected twice by a special team from Venice, the tents had to be finally destroyed and thrown away by the San Felice team, because neither the Venetians nor the tridentines were ready to accept more responsibilities regarding the issue. The scabby Maghrebians were taken to a hospital.


According to a local newspaper, “The behavior of the north Africans puts the nerves of the other victims under great pressure”, but mainly of the native victims, who have lost everything. “We had been evacuated from our homes to this place here next to the camp”, a young couple complains. “We are from San Felice, but we receive no meals, because those are reserved for the inhabitants of the camp. One should deal also with the emergency situation in which we are in.”


However, they were very happy to be served spaghetti Bolognese.




earthquake in Italy: Preferential treatment of immigrant victims in the emergency camps 




After the big earthquake ravaged Northeast Italy, many italians complained that the emergency shelters were full of north Africans and eastern Europeans, and that “italians would be discriminated against here.”


The italian newspaper Il Giornale describes in this way the emergency situation:


“The lists of access to the camps are occupied by immigrants from Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt and eastern Europe, many women were veiled. Preferential access to tents was given to women and children, virtually all of them immigrants.”


Roughly the same is the situation in Sant’Agostino in Finale Emilia, where the tent camps are almost completely occupied by immigrants.


Italians must look at another site to provide themselves with food and to try to repair their homes. Some of them have no other chance but to sleep in cars of in the open air.




A situation of “positive” discrimination in favor of immigrants which underscores the imperative necessity of intervention of the “Salamander” patriotic civil protection organization.



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  1. The Muslim immigrant male is more problematic than the female. Although the male can be killed, the female must be enslaved. She cannot be killed unless she resists slavery.

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