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5 Replies to “Israelis develop revolutionary treatment for heart failure”

  1. Thank you for highlighting the important scientific/medical contributions from Israel, a fact that is pointedly ignored by the European and US media.

  2. Over the next few years we are going to see an avalanche of scientific advances in the life sciences and in nano tech, things are changing, not just politically but scientifically these changes are going to impact the political changes and make the changes much different from what the left thinks is coming.

  3. This Is a topic that fascinates me not just Israeli advances but also all advances worldwide. It is simply amazing how far the world has come in the fields of medicine technology etc. We are all still mortal, but if we can eradicate some of the afflictions that plague mankind such as cancer HIV heart disease etc, we can prevent much suffering. My own health has taken a turn somewhat downhill, which is upsetting seen as im in my 20s. But here in the west at least we aim to preserve life rather than destroy it.

    It’s amazing what the brightest and best of us can achieve if we put our minds to it. If we have achieved so much think what we could achieve in another 100 years or so, that Is if we still have a civilisation left. I have been left pondering the concept of life our history etc. And we are so very fortunate to be born in such a time and place were on the whole we are shielded somewhat from the horrors of the past several thousand years of human warfare, disease and general suffering.

    After listening to that Ronald Reagan speech, it really hit home that peace comes at a price. Let’s just hope that if/when the time comes we have the spirit to fight for all we have achieved to date.

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