Pregnant Woman Kidnapped, Set on Fire When Man Eschews His Baby

Dearborn, Dearborn, why does the name of that city sound so familiar. What is it about Dearborn I wonder?

From Life News:

Police have one man in custody and are searching for a second in relation to a crime involving violence against a pregnant women whose partner was not interested in her giving birth to his child.

According to the Macomb Daily newspaper, the pregnant woman is 22-years-old and was kidnapped, shot, set on fire and left to die. The woman was hospitalized but did not suffer life-threatening injuries after she was abducted and her baby is reportedly fine after an ultrasound.

As the newspaper describes, the woman’s former boyfriend appears to have set her up for attack by hiring or convincing another man to kill her and abandon her body.

Investigators said the victim and her ex-boyfriend had drifted apart. However, he began calling her in February and the two began talking again. They agreed to go to a movie Friday night in Dearborn.

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