Did the Obama administration betray its own bin Laden informant?

Melanie Phillips:

Published in: Daily Mail

The jailing by Pakistan of the doctor who led the CIA to bin Laden’s hideout in Abbottabad is clearly an outrage. The Pakistani doctor, Shakil Afridi who has been thrown into prison for 33 years for treason, should be regarded instead as a national and global hero for helping run bin Laden finally to earth. His jailing – in a farcical ‘trial’ without a judge or his own lawyer — is the clearest demonstration that Pakistan, which the west treats as an ally against the Islamic jihad against the free world, is actually its enemy.

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6 Replies to “Did the Obama administration betray its own bin Laden informant?”

  1. Yes yes yes! If the Obama regime could get SEAL teams into Pakistan, they could have got Mr Afridi and his family out! Total hideous betrayal!! I keep feeling that when karma comes for obama, it’s not going to be a pretty sight! Praying for, I mean!!

  2. I always thought it’s no coincidence that he allegedly sent the white house churchill bust, who was a vocal critic of islam, back to britain as a first gesture when moving into his new mosque. It’s obvious were mohammed’s loyalties lie.

  3. Obama betrays everyone who tries to help the US, the two religions he was raised in were Marxist and Islam, both hate the US and want to destroy us. Sadly the Republicans are still refusing to vet Obama and other opponents.

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