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7 Replies to “CBN: Islam in Denmark”

  1. The left has managed to tear down centuries of work building nations of law where all are equal. The 60+ years of peace in Europe are the exception not the historical norm, thanks to the left and their goal of world socialism Europe is rapidly returning to the historical norm of wars and revolutions.

  2. Thank you, unfortunately we are going to live through it, and will once again see major war in Europe with all of North America participating. We might as well face reality and plan for the coming mess.

  3. Yes it would seem odds on there Richard. I have to say that it appears that only Australia is resisting the trend for giving Islam concession after concession. In fact the media here does give Islamists a smack in the head every time some whacko Islamist crap comes to light and the major part of the polpulation is now already against illegal immigration and scrutinise general immigration policy very carefully.

  4. I wish we had some doing this. However the economy is forcing all nations to revisit their socialist programs, so far nothing has been done which means the coming crash is going to be worse.

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