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7 Replies to “The E.U. blackmails Canada. Communist idealism Vs. fact based realism”

  1. I don’t understand the connection between the headline & the video? How is the EU blackmailing Canada? The video is about a school board in the states isn’t it? I’m confused.

  2. Its true…….

    Canada doesn’t want waves of self-entitled human garbage and criminals……the reality is we would be bloody swamped with impoverished terrorists, criminals and loathsome parasites were it not for something called the Atlantic and Pacific oceans…….thank Christ for large bodies of water and ravenous sharks…

    The EU is a cancerous joke and the sooner Europe and the UK wake up and dissolve this exercise in totalitarian lunacy and sends them packing along with their psychotic handmaidens at the UN…the better.

    We , in Canada, have been blessed with the recent election of a majority Conservative government and that, coupled with the additional blessing of Sun Media, has almost completely stopped, in its tracks, the bastard offspring of the rabid bitch Multiculturalism, unchecked immigration.

    There are cultures around the world whose very foundational practices are so backward, so dark, so abhorrent and in such utter conflict and opposition with Western values, as to give us prima facie evidence as to the dire need for eliminating immigration from those same countries and cultures. Let us not be dictated to by those who stand on the very brink of destruction and cultural suicide as a result of their own bureaucratic madness and lunatic social engineering.

    It is little more than a lunatic jumper standing on a bridge and seeking, nay, demanding, that one or more of the onlookers join him in his leap into death and oblivion.

    To Prime Minister Harper and Minister Kenney…..STAY THE BLOODY COURSE!!!…..Canada is one of the very best countries in the world and we cannot betray the values entrusted us by our ancestors nor betray the trust of the majority of voters by opening the floodgates of humanity from troubled sewers and third world toilets……


    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. No WPF…..

    Its a comment by an EU representative on threats being made to Canada based on our refusal to open the immigration floodgates from troubled EU countries…..

    Many of these “visitors” come to Canada from troubled countries in the EU with no intention of ever returning and then make specious “refugee” claims and or disappear into Canada and end up on welfare.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. Thanks Don, I see the video has changed. When I looked at this the first time it had the video about US school textbooks.

  5. F*ck the E.U and bravo Canada for protecting your borders. We do not need or want the flotsam & jetsam from those countries and if the EU doesn’t like it, tough! They may dictate to countries in Europe but they DO NOT dictate to us. I have no respect for them, but I respect Canada and her right to choose who will cross her borders. Got it?

    BTW Don, great post , again.

  6. Canada has a right to limit the people they allow to enter, the only reasons people don’t want a visa system is to flood free nations with so many destitute immigrants that the nations collapse.

  7. Woahh, stop! Rewind… rewind, and listen to what he says…

    “however, this REALISTIC view of the World [Canada’s view] falls foul of the EU IDEOLOGICAL view that the EU is in fact one country…”

    Yes, there you have it. I did watch the entire clip, but for me these few words summed it all up….. fact based realism versus fairy-tale ideology – right versus left – prosperity versus stagnation – truth versus lies, honesty versus corruption, commonsense versus stupidity!
    The EU is dreaming and this dream has turned into a nightmare!!

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