Mosque or Mom’s house? Dispute over big house in West Miami-Dade

Miami Herald:

A county commissioner thinks a three-story house under construction in his district may not be what it appears. The homeowner says he’s being discriminated against because he’s Muslim.


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By Patricia Mazzei

County Commissioner Javier Souto suspects that a seven-bedroom, 11-bathroom house under construction in his West Miami-Dade district is destined to be used as a religious sanctuary — possibly a mosque.

He has complained to the county’s building and zoning departments. He flagged the inspector general, the state attorney and the governor. He also urged his colleagues to initiate an investigation and issue subpoenas.

But property owner Samir Ghazal says he’s just building a house for his mother — an 8,190-square-foot house, featuring a nearly two-story high, Moorish-style arch over the front door.

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8 Replies to “Mosque or Mom’s house? Dispute over big house in West Miami-Dade”

  1. Taqyyia……(also known as the Dance of the Golden Wahhabi Sand Weasel)

    Its not a mosque its a lemonade stand……I mean a poutine wagon……I mean a house for my mommy……

    Check the bastards source of funding….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Wow, 11 baths, Mom must be really clean. Another question might be, who is going to be cleaning this house? How many Illegal alien maids might be hired to cater to mom? They might want to check if there will be foot baths installed in the bathrooms, that would be a dead giveaway.

  3. ELEVEN BATHROOMS?? A sure sign that more than a handful of people will be living there and even more will be using the facilities. “If it looks like a duck, ‘swims’ like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck” – (or in this case, a mosque). I really pity the guy who lives next door. He’ll need more than a fence to keep out the racket.

  4. The Moslems must think we are really stupid to think we will believe their bull, this is clearly a rabat that will house a lot of people.

  5. Eleven bathrooms? Seven ‘bedrooms’? Two Three stories? Sure sounds like it is designed as a . . .now, what do they call it these days? Madrassa?. . no. Mosque?. . .not necessarily. Islamic Center? . ..perhaps.

    Recall that in Islam and under sharia, no other religious structure nearby is permitted to exceed in height the height of the local mosque.

    Assuming this taqiyya master’s mom is still breathing, she’s not likely to be around very much longer, so one would guess the ‘house’ is going to be gifted back to the son as inheritance – upon her untimely passing – which will then likely be ‘gifted’ to the local muslim community (“build it and they will come”) to build bridges with their neighbors (cough, cough).

    This structure had the good fortune to have several (11) bathrooms, enough to suitably accomodate a professionally staffed office providing separate male and female restrooms for staff and congregants (complete with foot baths). . .while not forgetting the kiddies and their needs for separate units convenient to several of the seven bedrooms classrooms in use upstairs. The resident imam will have his own suite, of course.

    Yup, it’s for his mom. No doubt about it.

  6. You peoples are so ignorant … this man help many many peoples and he got what he deserved a great house to live with his wife kids mom dad and grandfather etc …. everyone have they on big Room to live in confortable place…. but people am sure non of you ever give a homeless a penny…. you all are so low life and low class talking crap …. only thing human do.

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