Michael Coren on Leftist-Islamic spin being taught to the Canadian military

This is the third, ‘everybody needs to see this clip’ I have come across this week, after the Tommy Robinson interview (Thank you Tommy and Alec) and the clip of the honest imam exposing his truth to Wafa Sultan.

Michael Coren touches on a subject of critical importance here. I will be posting something else quite stunning on the same subject in great detail in a week or so on what the US military is not allowed to be taught. Namely a fact based model of Islam sufficiently accurate that it has proven predictive value.

As for this, well thank you Michael Coren. You are a rare sort of brave in this age.

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7 Replies to “Michael Coren on Leftist-Islamic spin being taught to the Canadian military”

  1. These Afghan rapists will burn forever in hell if they do not repent and castrate themselves. This threat of eternal damnation is credible, because Islam is destroying itself in Syria. As regards that silly imam Wafa Sultan is interviewing, we should reverse his double standards. Muslims should live in dhimmitude, and be forbidden to marry non-Muslim women. Non-Muslims however, can freely marry Muslim women. Muslims who steal from non-Muslims should loose their right hand. And if Muslims become uppity, they get the Khaybar treatment. Their men will be killed, their women and children will be enslaved.

  2. James:

    Look for everything you can find on Stephen Coughlin if you want to know how bad things are in the US in exactly the same way. He explains it brilliantly and in an impeachable manner. Rumour has it that there may be some fantastic footage of the course he used to give available to the public soon. Keep an eye out.

  3. Yes things down here are as bad, one Evangelical General wasn’t allowed to speak at a Christian prayer breakfast at West Point because the Moslems objected.

  4. Indeed it is rampant in the US Armed Forces. I’m a National Guard NCO with 21 yrs. under my belt, but I don’t know for how much longer in this insane climate. It is thoroughly disgusting to see our national security take a back seat to political correctness, and now I see the same rot spreading to Canada’s Armed Forces. God help us all.

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