He suddenly pulled out the knife and stabbed

Gates of Vienna:

Could the knife attack against two police agents in Bonn be prevented? The authorities were astonished by the Salafist Murat K. He was known for his aggressive activities. Looking for clues.

“Which is our way?” The man asks in Arabic with a loudspeaker in his hand. The answer comes from the gathered people: “Jihad, Jihad!”. They swing black flags with their statement of faith written on them. It’s not happening in Pakistan, in the Gaza Strip or in Somalia, but in Bonn, the noon of May 5.

Hundreds of young Muslims, many of them followers of the fundamentalist Salafism, gathered in Bad Godesberg-Bonn, close to the King Fahd Academy. They has a mission: to protect the honor of the prophet Mohammed, even by force if necessary.



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  1. The European police have had too long a time dealing with reasonable people, they think that their badge and uniform will protect them. Now they are dealing with people who are unreasonable, ones that look on the badge and uniform as a target.

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