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11 Replies to “Afghan Muslim rape “marathon” worst in Sweden’s history”

  1. This trend won’t stop until all women in Sweden have been raped. And those resisting it will be forced by socialist to get raped so as not to be called “racist”. This is truly the end of a society. The most curious thing, however, is the level of failure of the super feminist Sweden. The most feminist and male-loathing country in the world along with Norway is getting just the opposite of what feminists of that countries such as Marte Michelet, Joanna Rytel and other marxist paranoid clowns have been fighting for. Sweden is as unsafe place for a woman as Afghanistan or pakistan. Bravo marxist socialist cockroaches. But it’s they who should undergo what this poor woman had to. How I wish them this fate…

  2. Iftikhar Aahmad comments that indigenous Europeans are hallucinating, the daily reports and statistics we see are mere fabrications, and you know that the cultural relativist elites will take their word for it. The Marxist/Islamic message is of classic ‘white guilt’: they’re all just noble savages, and after all, the success of the West is responsible for the disgusting squalid societies elsewhere.

    “Nothing to see here, move on…”

    It was a nice place before it invited barbarians inside the gates. Sorry to see Europe slip down into the cess pit.

    There’s going to be a big reckoning, and the fault is the leaders of these countries. There will be justice eventually but it’s going to get a lot uglier before it gets better.

  3. War crime trials were held by the Allies to try German Nazis. But how does one prosecute those who have betrayed their own civilisation, even to the extent of betraying children, whose safety was in their keeping? Nuremberg type trials seem insufficient for such types of crimes.

    After the war, traitors found in the countries liberated from the Nazis, were simply executed – after a summary trial. But even these traitors did not betray children to the enemy, to be used as sexual sports by them.

    There is something truly hideous about the crimes that has been committed by the establishment of the UK. It is so hideous that no paper can openly state it, for they are either ashamed or complicit ( with the exception of Channel 4)

  4. Arselifter Iftikar, just go fuck yourself!! I tell you what, 30-50 years ago rapes where rare in Sweden. But most importantly of all, gang rapes was an un-known topic up until 12-15 years ago. The time frame coincides when the arselifter infestation started to become quite noticeable over here. So just fuck off!! Go troll somewhere else. We’re sick of your taqyyia spouting bullshit anyway! I doesn’t matter what you say, we will never like pislam anyway.

  5. A girl from Doncaster had her first abortion at the age of 12 and went on to have more abortions when she was 13,`5, and 16. She did not regret tha abortions but did regret having sex when she was not mature enough to deal with it. She was not raped by a Pakistani youth. She moved from bed to bed according to her own will.

    Child sex abuse figures from UK H.M. Prison Service show that perpetrators are overwhelmingly white: 93% White vs 7% Black/Asian. In 2009, 8 ALL white members of a paedophile network have been found guilty of a catalogue of charges relating to child abuse and indecent images of children yet the our xenophobic media did not make it a ‘race’ issue.

    Vast majority of child abuse/grooming are done by white (british) males. also vast majority of rape cases are also from same racial background. BNP and the bankrupt politicians are looking for any excuse to attack islam and Muslims.

    Future generations will look back at us as barbarians. Abortion on demand; 10 year olds being fitted with contraceptive devices; pornography accepted as normal; children gang-raped whilst police look the other way; violent criminals ‘punished’ by slaps on the wrist; classrooms a blackboard jungle; cities filthy with litter, etc. All of this after 50 years of liberalism.

  6. You’re missing the point. You say abortion shouldn’t be legal and the medication to relieve pains but you are ignoring your own part in taking responsibilty. Maybe if you live in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones and try to show more sensitivity. Nobody wants to be taken advantage of.

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