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12 Replies to “There are thousands of these across Hungary today.”

  1. I am personally going to immensely enjoy watching the europions run like headless chickens when their currencies fall off a cliff.

    Their govts are beyond broke, very little natural resources that have not yet been plundered. Their gold, if any, is too little to save their currencies and europe is so over crowded.

    Time to get out the popcorn and watch the fun. It could happen any day. We have been reaading about europe for years now.

    Now with the leftists surging in polls and european nationalism ie ” golden dawn”
    (chrisy avgy) time for the fun to begin.

  2. No one deserves what is coming, unfortunately is is decades too late to prevent the massive violence heading to every nation on earth.

  3. We’re going through more complex and wider divergence than that were started II Great War. And we have more power weapons than any man in History could imagine. We really cannot square the extension of an open chemical/nuclear war.

  4. I would enjoy castrating all the Jew hating assholes in Hungary (and elksewhere) so they cannot prpagate their Neanderthal DNA. These mental defectives understand only ONE THING – a bullet between their eyes.

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