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5 Replies to “Mark Steyn discusses the current national suicide of the U.S.A.”

  1. It is much worse than Adler says.

    US Govt ( like all Western govts) has 0 silver stockpiles. The supposed 8,000 tons of gold in Fort Knox, most likely belongs to the US but the US has most likely sold all gold loaned to it from Canada, Europe,,, so apart from farmland and commodities, the US dollar is backed by promises.

    Asians are not in decline. They are buying gold and silver like mad.

  2. Yes Obama is trying to fundamentally change the US, yes we are down, but we have been down before and have grown back. I disagree with the people who are saying China is going to take over, China is in worse shape economically and politically then the US, and will fall sooner. The entire world is going to crash both economically and politically, it is anyone’s guess who will be on top when the dust settles.

    The spending is Obama’s way of trying to correct what he sees as the wrong country won the cold war and he is out to reverse that win.

  3. The world economy is so intermingled that no one will be able to survive when a major economic power crashes, Europe is headed down and faster then before the elections. They will take down the US and South America, this will cause China to fail, if they don’t go before the US and South America. Without the Western nation being able to buy their goods China is broke, a fact they don’t want us to know.

  4. China is about to have a real estate bubble crash that’s going to make the one in the U.S. in 2008 look like a drop in the bucket.

  5. Yeah and their banking system is in even worse shape, the only reason people think they are in good shape is that they believe the lies China tells. The big question now is who will collapse first, Europe or China, although Japan may beat both and be the one to take down both.

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