Greece enters ‘interesting times’ as the Chinese say.

If anyone cares to, in the ‘Agendas and Views of This Site’ page, I stated some years ago why I started this humble website and effort in the first place. My intention of course, was to help prevent certain outcomes. Very predictable ones I believe.

It would appear that those predictable outcomes are coming into fruition, and that several forces may lead to horror in the foreseeable future, where none was needed. Just a re entrenchment of classical liberal values, a fresh grip on immigration policies, and a rational amount of national-pride along with a slow dismemberment of the culture of entitlement which is truly unsustainable and is rotting the West like a cancer.

From Greece today:

More here at The Blaze:

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  1. Well, he said at least one thing right. ‘Yellow media’. When they were told to stand up as a sign of respect, they should of all walked out and left that baffoon alone in the room with his enforcers. That’s how you deal with tyranical baffoons.

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