More from Bonn Germany

Here is a video I took off of Blazing Cat fur’s post here. Please click over to see more. I am waiting for the German translators to wake up and get to work on some of these and others. It looks like civil war in Bonn Germany today and for the past few days.

The only question left:

How is European media going to somehow pin all this on Fjordman?

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  1. So, the old dude in the suit that shows up with the umbrella and the unconcerned demeanor at 1:27 ……last surviving private of the Grosse Deutschland leading the charge?

  2. I remember times when the police shot demonstrators: hard working demonstrators who contributed to the construction of their countries. Then of course the question is: why aren’t they shooting this excrement. Not that we don’t know the answer to that question.

  3. This may be the beginning of a civil war in Germany, the leftist politicians have ignored reality and the legitimate concerns of the ordinary people to the point that a revolt may be the only thing left for them to regain their freedom and preserve their culture. Granted not all Western nations are at that point but some are, and the far left is pushing for civil war so they can try to take over and build their utopia.

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