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3 Replies to “German ‘Anti-fa’ people get the crap kicked out of them by Muslims, wonder if they can ‘get permission’ to demonstrate against them”

  1. The feel good story of the day. The leftists are too stupid and too blinded by cultural self-hate to see clearly the future they gladly help to enable.

    These two communists got the beatdown they fully deserve, and I for one, am happy for them. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. Unbelievable.
    Hopefully, they slowly start to realize what they have been feeding all these years.
    I truly wish, that the turn around process is done by thinking and not by violence from the side they are protecting.

    In so many cases, people who meant well went to a place to help the local population, ended up dead, or beaten to pulp, or kidnapped, or send away.

  3. To be a communist means you have to ignore what has happened and what will happen. Which means this will not deter the communist.

    It is interesting how long the Islamic organizations put up with these atheists(communists) and allowed them to protest with them.

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