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9 Replies to “Persian woman wins dance competition, arrested on return to Iran at airport. Presumably for winning the dance competition.”

  1. This is beyond a joke… Can’t wait until we are officially at war with those disgusting maggots!
    Ross Canberra, Australia

  2. She is so wonderful
    Iran should be proud to have someone as talented as she is
    My best wishes and prayers go out to her and her family

  3. No freedom of speech, no freedom of marrying anyone of your own choice, no freedom of conscience, no freedom at all. Just senseless and total submission to the will of the fucktard allah. Pislam truly sucks.

  4. If looks could kill…

    The judges show about the same emotion as you see in the eyes of a shark or an SS death camp commandant.

    Wonder what is going through their minds?


  5. I don’t normally post, but after watching that clip (I’ve just watched it six times in a row) I feel compelled to post something. I know very little about dance but that has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life! I’m trying to explain it to myself as I am having difficulty understanding what is so strangely compelling about her routine. I have watched it with several different musical background tracks and strangely they all work. I was wondering about the fact that she seems incredibly nonchalant, sexually very confident, and at the same time slightly vulnerable. I was also thinking about the incredible technique/cultural and spiritual aspect which must go back thousands of years (a bit like our Morris Dancing (I’m posting from the UK)). The fact that she would be arrested for this performance speaks volumes. We are truly in a battle of light against darkness. The sooner these Persians get rid of the shackles of this mass psychosis masquerading as a religion and return to Zoroastrianism the better for everyone. According to You Pube she has been released on bail so hopefully she will be ok. If she wants to claim political asylum in Blighty I have a spare bedroom. The wife doesn’t know yet but I’m sure she will be ok about it.

  6. Yes General, she was very good. You are right that there is a war on between light and the darkness of Islam. In reality it has been on for well over 1,000 years. As for the dancer though I’m afraid she will never be allowed to leave Iran again, dead or alive.

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