Iran ups the anti on its increased islamification of the land. ‘arresting’ dogs

Mohamed’s loathing of dogs is legendary, sending his armies to slaughter all the dogs of entire cities he conquered, even helper dogs for the disabled.

Iran, in an effort to be more like the ‘perfect human being, Mohamed’ has started to ‘arrest’ dogs, put them in conditions where many die, and try and force owners to consider dog-ownership so inconvenient that they give up on it altogether.

It would appear that Iran has learned totalitarianism from Western nations with smoking bans etc. which violate basic constitutional freedoms. Make it bureaucratic, clumsy, hard to navigate and not so brutal that it makes good press or gets the masses to angry too fast, but achieves your ideological goals as quickly as possible with minimal resistance.

Please click over to this site to see the description of how Iran is working it’s way to being ‘caninerein’ and then of course… well we all know what comes next.

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8 Replies to “Iran ups the anti on its increased islamification of the land. ‘arresting’ dogs”

  1. I love dogs. However, I’m surprised they have not banned dogs. Those are nice dogs, not strays you might find roaming. What is stopping the government from getting rid of all dogs outright? This means the government is not all powerful.

  2. Totalitarianism works best when it is implemented in stages. I believe it is known as the ‘boiling frog’ method. You turn up the heat a few degrees every hour and next thing you know, the frog is boiling.

    I can’t help but think that this method was really brought into common use today by Ottawa city council when they broke municipal and federal laws in order to implement an illegal smoking ban. They were so successful at it, that New York city council brought many of them over to teach them how it was done, and then they did it. England is doing the same thing, breaking basic principles of common law to arrest and jail people who say unfashionable things or more accurately, things that run against the current political narrative.

  3. My Grandmother always said, “You can judge a person by how they treat dogs.”
    She was right. Having been around/lived with dogs all my life I am angered by these scum in the mullarship. I say torpaedo the swine now. (the paedo was intentional)

  4. The first attack on our individual rights was the seat belt laws that to laok away our right to make a decision about what risks we would take. From there it spread to the anti-smoking laws and we are now seeing them try it on what foods we can eat.

    You take away rights one small snip at a time, unfortunately it works almost every time.

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