Sleeping with the dead.

There has been some controversy about a potential new law in Egypt allowing for husbands to sleep with dead women for up to 6 hours after they have, ahem, expired.

Some articles are claiming it is nonsense without really saying why. There does appear to be some evidence in Islamic scripture justifying this rather repugnant use of a corpse however.

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  1. The first executive order BHO would issue after he gets re-elected would be the legalization of necrophilia allowing husbands to have sex with their dead wives !!

  2. This is not meant to be disgusting, but the obvious objections to necrophilia aside, anyone who has left thawed meat on the counter at room temperature for longer than two hours can tell you that after two hours the blood goes to the bottom of the container and the meat starts smelling rotten. This is why any dressing of any kind starts to smell after a couple of hours. It won’t last longer. The imam who dreamed this up, Mo’s recorded behavior notwithstanding, obviously never handled uncooked meat. This is why recommendations for thawing are that it be done in the refridgerator or in the microwave. What an idiot (aside from being loco)!

  3. Reading the exploits of Mohammad (pbuths) and his Followers raping all the women they captured, I imagine sleeping with a woman who ‘corpses’ became very popular.
    As their pepsi is camel’s urine and milk, a dead body is the real thing.

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