Photos show more work at N.Korea nuclear test site


(AFP) – 19 hours ago
SEOUL — New satellite images show more work under way at North Korea’s nuclear test site but give no indication of when a test may occur, a US-based specialist website reported Saturday.
There is widespread speculation that the North may carry out another atomic weapons test — its third — following international criticism of a failed rocket launch on April 13.
The 38 North website carried satellite photos of the Punggye-ri site near the east coast, saying they seem to indicate that “the North Koreans are proceeding as if the test go-ahead decision has already been made.
“The imagery does not, however, give any indication of when that detonation may take place,” said the website, a project of the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.
It said the pictures taken by a private company on April 18 are the latest in a series showing continuing preparations for a test.
Photos taken on March 8 showed soil and other material excavated from the test tunnel. Overall, it said, thousands of tons of rubble have been excavated at the site covering 4,000 square metres (around one acre).
The latest imagery shows a train of mining carts on top of the soil piles and random unidentified structures or objects on or near the piles, 38 North said.

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4 Replies to “Photos show more work at N.Korea nuclear test site”

  1. Towards the last quarter of Glenn Beck’s documentary, “Rumors of War III” it is implied that recent failed space missile attempts from Iran and NKorea were actually successful demos of potential EMP attacks.

  2. wtd Beck may be right, the problem with intelligence is that you often have a hard time figuring out what the info means. I don’t know if the tests were successful or not, just as I don’t know if an EMP attack is planned. What I do know is that NK won’t do anything until China is ready to move, China controls NK completely and is using both Iran and NK cause problems keeping people’s eyes off China. Their economy is in bad shape the there is massive internal dissent caused by the imbalance of the sexes and the way the people in the country have received very little benefit from China’s turning to semi crony capitalism.

  3. One of the limited items taught about the leadup to WWI and WWII was the pressure for resources in Southeast Asia. Call it problem economies now. Couple that with the excess of males in China. They must deal with it and, consequently, here we go…

  4. Thanks Joy I had forgotten that, we have been skating around the brink of war for a decade of better, we will fall over the brink soon.

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