Hundreds-strong Muslim Mob Attacks Home of PxC Leader

Islam Vs. Europe::

Josep Anglada, leader of the PxC party which leads the fight against the islamisation of Catalonia and Spain, has been been besieged in his home by a hundreds-strong mob, said to consist mainly of North Africans.

For two successive days, far left organisations had organised an anti-PxC demonstration in front of the town hall in Vic, Anglada’s home city. On the second day, the mob of demonstrators, said to number around three hundred and to consist mainly of North Africans, marched to Anglada’s home. There they chanted insults to both he and his wife and made threats against him, including death threats. Anglada’s car was attacked and its windows smashed. Other cars and containers in the vicinity was also attacked and damaged. Traffic was cut off for about half an hour.

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I have it from an excellent source in Spain, that the person who was attacked was a “Spanish Tommy Robinson”, a really good and courageous man.



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  1. Islamo-filth, thats what these sub-human parasites are, and i’m guessing that term covers a good 97 to 98% of the world’s muzz-scum population.

    Those muhominids are more evil than the monkey in Chris Griffin’s closet.

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