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5 Replies to “Some healthy honesty in video form.”

  1. Wow, the man is pointing out the stupidity of both sides, theirs for trying to ruin the west and ours for not kicking them out.

  2. Richard, looks like a recipe for disaster to me. I just read Breitbart’s “Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World” and it hammers home the importance of “walking toward toward the fire” and fighting for our culture, insisting that the media stop its Alinsky-esque collusion with the self-hating destructive Left, forcing them to take a moral stand, not letting them get away with the religious dogma of political correctness which will be our downfall. The UK is a good example of what a Western country cannot afford to do – a sacrifice to teach the wider world. If North America goes that way there will be not much left recognizable, and the precious freedoms we enjoy will fade from memory.

  3. Like I said our stupidity in not kicking them out, we have to fight and fight hard to survive in the coming years. The left has worked for over a century to created the situation where they can take over the world, the Moslems have learned from the left and both are using the other to prevent us from fighting back.

    One way of fighting back is to get everyone to watch the series “Muslim Brotherhood in America”, not that everyone will or would believe if they did watch.

  4. You problem is, there is no “we” anymore.
    If there had been a “we,” “we” would not be and have been
    meddling and overthrowing governments with bases strewn in “their”
    part of the world, promoting/sparking the 9/11/2001 blowback.
    Nor would “we” have been subsidizing Israel’s methodical
    land theft.
    “We” would have had more nearly a Buchanan/Ron Paul foreign and domestic
    policy and far less immigrants to boot.
    Our Founders rebelled against the British Empire-and its ideal.

    Then we became one, with Israel as leading outpost.
    Enjoy the Decline.

  5. Your supposed foreign policy is what was in place prior to WWII, it didn’t stop anything, it was tried again by Carter, and Clinton both caused massive attacks, learn the true facts of history rather then the politically correct bull.

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