Australian football stadiums install prayer rooms for Muslims

Below, the description from SDAMAT’s youtube channel:

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We’ll also be equal to those areas in Islamic prayer rooms, following the AFL’s decision last week to install such rooms at all AFL venues. “It’s again a demonstration of our inclusiveness,” said AFL boss Andrew Demetriou, who announced the move in response to calls from Richmond player and observant Muslim Bachar Houli (pictured).

“Inclusive” seems a curious description. The AFL is actually providing an exclusive service to followers of a minority faith, although that’s not how Demetriou spins it. He says the rooms will be available for all denominations, which must be a relief to Presbyterians who’ve been missing out for more than 100 years on game-time worship opportunities.According to Houli, Islamic fans are fed-up with the lack of worship sites when they go to the football. “I speak for the Muslim community,” Houli told SBS. “I get complaints (that) there’s nowhere to pray other than the carpark. It can be quite disturbing (to pray) with people walking through to the game.”

Try being a smoker, pal. As a tobacco worshipper, I’m forced outside all the time. No nice rooms for us Benson & Hedgians. Judging by online reaction, fans seemed more than slightly dismissive of the AFL’s latest pandering, but Muslims, as you’d expect, were delighted. “This is not extremist,” explained Khadija Gbla, South Australia’s young person of the year, on ABC radio. “This is what is going to make us feel like Aussies.”Nothing makes someone feel more like an Aussie than going to the footy. And praying there. It’s a wonder we’ve managed to build a national identity at all without the help of these transformative rooms.

Of course, critics of the initiative were widely denounced last week as narrow-minded bigots. This was led by people who just one day before the announcement had never in their lives considered whether AFL grounds even needed prayer rooms.

Once the idea emerged, however, any opposition was evidence of moral failure. Oh, well. Further from Houli, who in addition to being a Richmond player is also a one-day-per-week multiculturalism ambassador with the AFL: “The main thing is we’ve got what we want, and you can’t change that.” True, but people can always change what they spend their money on every weekend. Right now, netball is looking pretty good.

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6 Replies to “Australian football stadiums install prayer rooms for Muslims”

  1. “Try being a smoker, pal. As a tobacco worshipper, I’m forced outside all the time. No nice rooms for us Benson & Hedgians.”

    Never knew tobaccoism was a religion. Or are you just trying to be witty?

  2. Smoking is a genuine addiction. Islam is an arbitrary belief system that makes demands on kuffar cultures way beyond what they would expect to find in Muslim countries. For example, the footbaths found in American airports are no where to be found in any Saudi airport. Asking for prayer rooms at soccer stadiums is merely trying to impose more Islam and concessions to Muslims.

    I’ll tell you what. Start getting Muslim countries to allow unmolested churches and synagogues, centers for apostasy and atheism and then we can talk about increased accommodation for Muslims and their incessant demands to change the cultures they move to to be more like the ones they moved away from. How’s that?

    In other words, who gives a shit if it is a religion? You are at a soccer game. Watch the game or go to a mosque. Preferably one in a Muslim country.

  3. No wonder the mighty Geelong Cats knocked off Richmond in the AFL yesterday. No prayer rooms down at the Champion’s home turf in Geelong! Or at the bastion of Australian civilzation – the St George Leagues Club in Sydney…:)

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