West’s liberals fail to help, says Hirsi Ali

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Ayaan Hirsi AliAyaan Hirsi Ali

WESTERN liberals, crippled by political correctness, guilt and a romanticised view of Islam, are leaving atheists and Christians bereft in the ”Arab winter”, human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali says.

Ms Hirsi Ali, no stranger to controversy, told an audience of several thousand at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, that it was Christians and conservatives who led the way in defending free speech and rights. ”Why is it that secular liberals in the West fail to help? Are they so insecure about the morals they live by and by which they raise their children?”

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3 Replies to “West’s liberals fail to help, says Hirsi Ali”

  1. The last lines of the article: “The real problem is that religious moderates provide a space in which religious extremism is flourishing,”

    Certainly. What westerners naively call “moderates” are muslims that just happen to neglect the full practice of their religion, which explicitly commands them to wage jihad against the infidels as the unofficial sixth pillar of islam besides Shahada, Zakat, prayers, Hajj and Ramadan. They can eventually be “activated” to fulfill their duties as muslims. And muslims in general play a kind of russian roulette with the naive westerners… “am I moderate? am I radical? Try to put me on a scale! Do guess!”

    Mrs. Hirsi Ali explains it clearly. Western elites (first and foremost the left, but others also) have a suicidally romantic view of Islam, something that muslims conveniently exploit.

    This will eventually bring an unforeseeably dark future. I would recommend Gatestone’s newest article dealing with it. Not directly connected to islam, but it will for sure take advantage of the upcoming chaos: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3020/europe-crisis

  2. Hermes I really dislike writers like the link you just gave of “How the Eurocrisis Will Affect the West” by turning it even more left wing.

    he goes on and on about the effects but the big question should be, WHY does the people turn left when the economy goes bad? The general population in every poll I have read show they believe the right will help the economy more but they always turn left throughout history. Why?

  3. OxAO: Yes… why? Why do they turn left? I sometimes wonder about it, but I’m not so wise as to answer this question, one can only guess. Perhaps is not so much about the left itself, but that when things get dire, people are more prone to adopt radical ideologies, and it’s up to the given party to exploit the exacerbated mood in order to profit from it. This happened in Russia in 1917, communists took advantage of the post-war crisis. Same happened in Germany in 1933, but this time it was the opposite side who was able to exploit the extreme dire situation in which Germany was. Now it seems that is the left wing again the side of the political spectrum which is more capable of getting advantage of this ongoing crisis, because the ignorant masses blame capitalism for the crisis instead of blaming those speculators and dark figures who got rich under the disguise of capitalism. Ignorant masses can’t wait for the invisible hand to solve things. And the majority of people are but sheeps waiting for a saviour waiting for somebody to save them. But ultimately it may be up to the given wing to gain their acceptance.

    But these are only random thoughts. Perhaps Fjordman could write an excellent essay about the issue.

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