Turkish men hospitalized after drinking camel’s milk, urine

ISTANBUL – Hürriyet

Hürriyet photo

Hürriyet photo

Two Turkish men were hospitalized on arrival to Turkey after drinking camel’s milk and urine while on an umrah visit, daily Hürriyet reported.

The men believed the camel’s milk and urine to be good for health, claiming it was written in a hadith. An imam, according to the Turkish men, also drank the milk and urine with them.

The visitors were hospitalized due to high fever and unusual levels of liver enzymes. Further tests revealed that the two men had been infected with the “alkhurma” virus, reportedly catching the virus from the milk.

The alkhurma virus is very dangerous and highly contagious and has a fatality rate of 25 to 35 percent, daily Hürriyet reported.

?hsan Özkes, a retired religious cleric and current member of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), denied the existence of any hadith that would encourage people to drink camel’s milk and urine.

“Those who did drink it must have been ignorant,” he said.


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12 Replies to “Turkish men hospitalized after drinking camel’s milk, urine”

  1. Silly muzzies. I hope camel piss guzzling goes viral in the muzz world and they all promptly die. Homo Islamopithicus is at an evolutionary dead end. Well, I can hope can I?

  2. Who knew that camel milk was more hazardous to ingest that camel piss? I would have guessed otherwise.

    So much diversity to learn about, so little time.

  3. “Those who did drink it must have been ignorant”

    Well, that goes without saying. I mean, these are muslims we’re dealing with here.

  4. It is very disappointing to have such ignorant and il informed people still around in this day and age. Also for this website to allow these comments to be posted. Please do some reading and inform yourself before making such slurs.

  5. Why don’t yu explain to us ignorant folk how we are wrong and how Islam is not like that and how the koran and hadiths and so on do not say what we point that they do?

    Or do you just call people names and pretend to be morally superior to them?

  6. If you read all the previous comments you would see who is doing the name calling.
    Your name calling is based on what?? “They are all a bunch of idiots”. Is that a scientific fact?? All Muslims are idiots according to hktony there.
    If you weren’t a ignorant and il informed group, you have taken the time to read up on this matter and on Islam as a whole.
    It is actually been scientifically proven that camel urine has a lot of medicinal benefits to humanity. Also some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies use extracts of it in many conventional medicines which are used on a daily basis.
    Again had you done some reading instead of sitting there on your high horses and looking down at an entire religion you would have know that.
    Please read up on this matter and on Islam before you embarrass yourselves with these racist and judgmental comments.

  7. Z:

    At last. A substantive statement:

    “It is actually been scientifically proven that camel urine has a lot of medicinal benefits to humanity.”

    Show me just one peer reviewed medical journal that verifies your claim. And no, before you ask, hadiths and koran do not count. While you are looking for one, I can show you several including press releases from the CDC showing that contact with camel excreta including milk is the likely source of this year’s MERS breakout that is killing scores of people and making hundreds very sick.

  8. If your camel seems to be crying, please refrain from kissing away her tears. Even if she is asymptomatic she may be carrying the virus.

    Most of the camels in the KSA are carrying a strain of the virus which is nearly identical to the strain affecting humans. But the coronavirus is mutates rapidly to become increasingly efficient in transmission from human to human.

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