Syrian Christians ethnically cleansed by “militants linked to al-Qaeda”

From People of Shambhala.
Approximately 50,000 Christians are believed to have been forcibly expelled from the city of Homs, Syria. Hundreds more — including women and children — have reportedly been slaughtered.

The Orthodox Church says that the al-Qaeda-linked Brigade Faruq is responsible for the “ongoing ethnic cleansing of Christians.” About 90% of Christians in Homs are believed to have been forced out by the Sunni Islamic militia, who are going door to door and forcing Christians to flee.

The militants have also prevented them from taking any possessions, which they have seized as “war-booty from the Christians.”

The Pakistan Christian Post says the report is being circulated by a Mr. Robert, who writes, “Today the Sunnis seek to restore the old order which allowed them the freedom to stomp the minorities whenever they wished. Should Bashar al Assad lose to the Sunni rebels, the minorities will be sorely oppressed. Islam has never emerged from the Bedouin tribal mind set of the 7th century Hijaz. Past is present is future. Should Bashar al Assad be vanquished, who will protect the minorities from the wrath of their enemies? The UN, NATO, Obama? Don’t hold your breath.”

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