Three more bearded clams AKA Mustards go on trial for terror in New York

I wonder if people there are starting to question the ‘religion of peace’ meme at this time. In a CBC ‘pseudo public’ forum on the issue of Islam in Canada last year, (I say Pseudo because they carefully screened who they let in and who they let talk to favour the pro_islam flavor of the meeting) one of the Muslims guests, I believe it was Aisha Sherazi, who said something like, ‘Every time i Listen to the news and there is some horror I stop to think, ‘Oh my god I hope it wasn’t a Muslim’ and she actually was trying to accuse the Canadian media of bias because they actually do report it when Muslims commit acts of horror in the name of Islam, for Islamic reasons etc.

It has really stuck with me, that little rhetorical trick of hers.

I have a suggestion.

Have Muslims stop:

1. planning and carrying out acts of terror to implement Islam and sharia law everywhere.

2. Murdering their own family members when one of them, so far always or nearly always a woman, decides to act in her own interest instead of the interests of Islam etc.

3. Stop infiltrating every institution in the free world for the purpose of undermining it, destroying it and replacing it with the paradisiacal versions of government we see in shit-holes like Somalia, Egypt, Dagestan and England. Just to name a few of course.

Then you won’t have to worry when you watch the news. You can safely enjoy a blended society where all can enjoy the classical liberalism so many millions fought and died for to give us all here in Canada.


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