Bengali New Year, Muslims desecrate Hindu temple with severed cow’s head

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The severed cow's head used to desecrate the Hindu temple.

“We are taught communal harmony,” Moumita Dawn, a local Hindu girl, remarked after yet another attack on a temple of her faith. “How far can we maintain this?” she asks, “Are only the Hindus responsible to maintain harmony? Won’t Muslims make any effort to maintain harmony?”

Such questions aren’t exactly limited to West Bengal, where the latest desecration of a Hindu temple, by Muslims, took place. An increasing number of people in the West are dismayed by the aggression of extremist Islamic organizations and agitators given carte blanche by authorities.

Events, and political response, in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are instructive.

On the eve of Bengali New Year celebrations, a gang of young Muslim men threw a severed cow’s head into the temple grounds of a Hindu temple in the area of Budha, Asansol, a coal mining metropolis.

The severed cow’s head was discovered by a group of Hindu women who had gone to the temple early in the morning to worship the god Shiva. The women were reportedly distraught at the sight, and at least one woman… read more.

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Riots after Hindu temple desecrated with cow meat and green paint

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