Denmark releases more than 200 Somali pirates

Translation: Nicolai Sennels from this article in Jyllands-Posten April 6th 2012

“The last three years Danish warships has released more than 200 pirates after having first arrested them. Recently the Danish warship Absalon had to release 17 pirates because the Danish authorities were not able to get either the Seychelles, nor Kenya to put the pirates in front of a judge, even though they had collected evidence. The 17 pirates had been on Absalon since February 27th. They were arrested as the Danish warship stopped a pirate ship and rescued 18 Iranian and Pakistani hostages. Two of the hostages died.”


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4 Replies to “Denmark releases more than 200 Somali pirates”

  1. The enlightened Leftist Method: ‘Lets just keep pissing away money, time, plus the health and lives of innocent people chasing these evil fiends in circles because eliminating the murderous, raping, abusive thieves would somehow be immoral????’
    The old Western morality that built the greatest and most just societies on earth method: ‘Anyone engaged in piracy should be shot on sight.’

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