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  1. Rarely am I moved in this world we live in……by moved I refer to the seemingly long dead, now, rarely, if ever seen….factual, passionate oratorical defense, remembrance and accounting of the dead, the innocent dead, the unjustly murdered, those whose last moments were inexplicably and horrifically, symphonies of torturous agony at the hands of legions of madmen……but this was very moving…..and from a source, a scholar, a source from which one has come to expect little else but the nauseating, hand wringing and pleading mitigation of acts of murderous madness and their perpetrators…..

    This man has pointed an accusatory finger at virtually every lawyer and professor practicing their vile arts today….a finger that stabs through the blackest of hearts like that which beats in the chest of master manipulators like Dr. Trish Fulton of the Huron University College and so many other thugs and sociopaths who wrap themselves in the cloak of the pious and sanctimonious; the cloak of the enlightened academic……he shines a light on the sneering, vulgar little reptiles like Justin Trudeau, Libby Davies, Olivia Chow and so many many others…….the reptilian in whose chests beats a seething hatred for freedom, freedom in the truest sense of the word….

    But in so doing, as the light sends these insects scurrying it also reveals our cowardice, cowardice which gives license to those who seek murder, misery and mayhem on a scale wholesale……it is almost as though we richly deserve the agony our tormentors so enthusiastically dispense…..for in our apathy, in our cowardice, in our ignorance of the sufferings of our brothers and neighbors, it is we who set the stage for such madness….perhaps we richly deserve each other….or perhaps not……….the answer may be found in the fact that Dr. Trish Fulton, conniving, treasonous, duplicitous, still holds presidential sway over Huron University College despite her outrageous alliance with those who seek to put knives to our throats……..and the band plays on………and on………and on……….and on……..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    (Excuse the redundancy……thank you very much for posting this…….)

  2. I am so glad someone has commented on this. I have refrained from posting a lot of volume today because this, and the video from Spain, need attention. This single lecture is staggeringly important. It must be spread.

    I was concerned that no one had watched it. Thanks for the comment Don. I hope somehow we can get this video some of the attention it deserves, and that we the freedom loving and liberal need it to have.

    Please do send out the link.

  3. He makes good points but doesn’t get to the obvious question which is ‘why?”

    Why does a socialist think the way they do. Why do the worry about the shark that just eat someone, why do they support the wolves…. Why do they support terrorist and so on. One good writer from breitbart.com suggested they hate themselves and went on explaining this. It goes a lot deeper then this.

    It has taken me decades but I finely found why socialists think as they do and it is genetics based on the concept of the r/K selection theory

    for decades I kept going back to our hunter gather roots to understand why we are made up as we are. But I made the big mistake of abundance that we have today wasn’t around during those times. To understand them we have to go back even farther then the hunter gather times.

    If anyone is interested i can explain in more detail

  4. I watched the video about Spain. There’s nothing in it I wasn’t really aware of already. But then, what’s the point. Much nobody else is listening anyway.

  5. The evils of communism/socialism have been known since the 70’s. The sheer scale of the holocaust perpetrated by the communists has no parallel in history. That too is well known. Yet the MSM, and in particular the standard bearer, the BBC, a hive of well paid socialists, has never ever addressed it, in the fullness, and time, that such a despicable ideology should have been.

    What this lecture does very well is its condemnation of the The Big Holocaust, perpetrated by the communists, as well as the silence of the supposedly objective academia and MSM. It does so with restrained anger. The entire world should be made aware of the genocidal crimes of the communists/socialists, when they achieve power. The lesson should be repeated every five years for the next crop of young people.

    Coming to some real life issues

    1. The mixed economy of the Scandinavian countries – will they able to sustain the model with the huge increase in Diversity of the population growth – this also has been a point of discussion in blogs. Will the Scandinavian model survive, with a population that believes that Jizya is their right, and the Infidels duty to pay it?

    2. The Arab Spring – here the answer ignores the reality of Islam. In Muslim countries, a totalitarian sharia state is a collective, as well as an individual desire by the vast majority of the population.

    Most importantly, is the question – What is or are, the well springs of the free, liberal and prosperous state the West finds itself in. Is it just happenstance, a work of nature, or something deeper.

    Here Adrian Hastings addresses this

    “Nations are not Constructed by Islam but Deconstructed”
    19:13 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

    Recently I read Adrian Hastings’ book “The Construction of Nationhood – Ethnicity, Religion and Nationalism”. In it, the author discusses the historical role of religions in shaping a sense of nationhood. Tracing the history of nation formation in Africa, he points out that Christianity, and in particular the translation of the Bible into one of the local languages, was often a key stimulus to a sense of collective identity that later matured into nationhood. Islam did not have this effect. What he had to say about Islam generally was interesting.

    Christianity has of its nature been a shaper of nations, even of nationalisms; Islam has not, being on the contrary quite profoundly anti-national. A great deal of vague discussion about the relationship between religion and nationalism is blighted by the easy assumption that every religion is likely to have the same sort of political effect. It is not so.


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