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11 Replies to “Parts of Spain more Muslim than Saudi Arabia”

  1. There you go. The same confluence of greedy industrialists with socialist parties funded and corrupted by a dysfunctional islamic society who bribes them to take their excess people who are completely alien to the indigenous Spanish and spread islam. If Spain needed workers it could have got culturally compatible immigrants from south america. Now with its massive unemployment hopefully all the benefits to the muslims are cut off and they leave.

  2. The Spanish government has been at odds with Catalan for centuries. Somebody decided to do them in from the inside.

  3. Hermes’ link:

    “Houzi, who adheres to the radical Wahhabi sect of Islam, recently said: “Muslims should vote for pro-independence parties, as they need our votes. But what they do not know is that, when they allow us to vote, we will all vote for Islamic parties because we do not believe in left and right. This will make us win local councils and as we begin to accumulate power in the Catalan autonomous region, Islam will begin to be implemented.””

  4. 15 plus years ago Spain was a wonderful place to unwind (Provided you avoided the tourist traps eg magaloof etc.)

  5. Steen: it was televised a little bit more than a year ago, on Intereconomia TV, the only spanish TV channel which dares to speak out about multiculturalism and islamization.

  6. every business man or economic consultant ive met says that we need immigrants to fill jobs and provide revenue for future generations care.This may be true but how about selecting which ones are compatible with our culture and encouraging our native population to have more children oh oh oh yeh! cant say that cos it sounds like Im a nazi. I can just imagine when I’m in my care home as an old man that instead of listening to the beatles or the stone roses some dude or dudette from overseas looks at me dumb and puts on some bangra or sitar music.Some of it aint bad but its not what I was brought up with.
    Blair and his ilk wont give a damn.They like foreign workers lookin after them I bet.It makes em feel important and back in the Raj.God forbid a cockney or a scouser looking after them.They sound so comman. Teeewats!

  7. During the 1960s the left set out to spread the idea that limiting immigration from certain groups was racist, just as they set out to say the West shouldn’t defend our culture. We are now paying the price for letting the left win those fights.

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