Fake ‘eviction notices’ scare Jewish students

You would think that university students would be educated, if not clever, enough to not fall for the kind of intellectual-slight-of-hand the leftist-Islamic alliance depends on for it’s daily bread.

The notion of inventing some fictitious crime, or spin doctoring a real event into a fictitious crime to give license for open, overt and blatant antisemitism is clearly a rhetorical tactic and, as I say, a kind of slight of hand. But it is so effective that many Jewish people have actually been swirled into this mentality, preferring either the sanctimony-high it gives them or perhaps the conciliatory, ‘let’s hope the crocodile eats us last’ strategy, Such as it is.

Not that this should need mentioning, but the attack here, the fake notices, where not for ‘zionists’ or Israelis. But for Jews. This would seem to me to demonstrate what readers of this site likely already know.

Israel is a totem for rabid, Islamic, and to a lesser degree perhaps, leftist raw antisemitism.

Even so, at the end of the day, it spells bad news for the state of modern universities if they are so easily led by such cheap logical fallacies. Or has logic itself become passé now?




Students Lena Emara, Gabi Aleksinko, Satya Singh and Matthew Schneider pose with an Â?eviction noticeÂ? similar to those put on the dorm room doors of more than 200 Jewish students at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.Students Lena Emara, Gabi Aleksinko, Satya Singh and Matthew Schneider pose with an Â?eviction noticeÂ? similar to those put on the dorm room doors of more than 200 Jewish students at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. (Submitted photo)
By David A. Schwartz Florida Jewish Journal11:16 a.m. EDT, April 5, 2012

When Rayna Exelbierd returned to her dorm room at Glades Park Tower on Florida Atlantic University’s Boca Ratoncampus last Friday, she found an “eviction notice” attached the door.

Exelbierd was one of more than 200 Jewish students in three dorms who received the fake notice from the campus group Students for Justice in Palestine.

“Some students who didn’t read the document believed they were really being evicted,” said Exelbierd, a 20-year-old sophomore from Memphis, Tenn.

The flier drew attention to Students for Justice in Palestine’s claim that about 25,000 homes have been demolished since the “occupation of Palestine” by Israeli troops began in 1967.

Noor Fawzy, who the university identified as a leader of Students for Justice in Palestine, could not be reached by email.

Exelbierd said students are very concerned. “We’re taking it very seriously,” she said. “We’re considering it a hate crime. The flier promotes hate; it doesn’t promote peace. People were scared by it. People felt threatened by it.”

Exelbierd and some of the other students who found the fliers on their doors met Wednesday at the offices of Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach on the Boca Raton campus to discuss the incident.

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12 Replies to “Fake ‘eviction notices’ scare Jewish students”

  1. Look at the nasty looks of sadistic pleasure on their faces. This was not a protest. It’s ethnic cleanisng using protest as pretext. They want to make the jews leave that school.

    And look what the german on the right is wearing. Just a little too perfect.

    Oh wait a minute. There is something here that is easy to overlook.

    These scumbags actually looked up where 200 jewish students were living. They looked up information about where jews were and tracked them down. By doing this they are threatening the jewish students- they are saying “we know where you live and that you are a jew.”

    The only acceptable responce by the college is to perminantly “evict” every member of Students for Justice in Palestine. And that’s just a start. They should now have 200 expensive lawsuits on their hands and need to go to prison. Let’s see these filth finish their education with “crime against humanity” on their records.

    There is no such thing as just a little ethnic cleansing.

    There had better be perminant reprocussions.

  2. Posted links to this with every related FB group including the florida chapter of USDL. (used strong but not vulgar language and ended each post with “NO MORE MALMOS!!!” Makes for a pretty good protest slogan)

    Am I overreacting? There is no possible way they could have thought this aggressive act would get them sympathy from anyone. So they didn’t want sympathy for their supposed cause. And that leaves only one other motive – driving jews from the college and preventing others from applying in future.

    Once they figure out a trick that will drive jews out of a college they will do it in every single college in America.

    They took their cue DIRECTLY FROM MOHAMAD MERAH, THE BUTCHER OF TOULOUSE. Attack a few to make the rest flee.

  3. Islam is pure jewhatred!

    Remember the islamic end of days will not come about before the jews are destroyed by the muslims lead by their Mahdi.

    An entire world religion set up to destroy a tiny little people!

    Thats how bad it is.

  4. Education of any level does not always translate directly to either intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, or common sence.

    A person with higher education may only be able to parrot what is written in a book, but would not be able to eleberate or form original thoughts. My wife has an uncle who is a maths professor who cannot do a task as simple as hang a picture, thus has no common sence outside of a classroom or away from a blackboard. How many so called professors have no morality, or wisdom to know right from wrong.

    Higher education does not always lead to people who can or do benifit society, rather it is becoming apparent that more and more they are simply becoming propaganda tools to take to riots, boycotts, occupys and denigration of society as a whole.

    Just observing.

    The Infidel

  5. As much as I agree, I somehow can’t see that happening. Universities have become the new Pravda and while leftism and Islam remain married, few students will stand up for the rights of Jewish people to exist I suspect, and interestingly, irrespective of what beliefs or religion they may even share. In other words, they are being persecuted because they can be identified as ‘Jews’ and not for their individual stance on Israel or what have you.

  6. I hear what you’re saying – all the talk from the left about ‘Bullying’ is just that, talk.
    Real bullying and criminal intimidation like this gets ignored.
    So I’ll say it, and you’ll say it.
    “Count me a Jew,
    you cowardly ‘student’s for a fictitious country’,
    and come for me first.”

  7. From what I read, Israel is a major nuclear power. Jew haters better watch your step. If they go down I can see that they just may take many governments with them.

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