Today must be Irrational leftism day.

Bill Whittle is one of my favorite human beings.

And what do you do if you are an Irrational leftist tilting at windmills and sick of having no boogiemen to fight? Why you invent them of course!

Islam Vs. Europe:

Friday, 6 April 2012

The Innsbruck mayoral elections in Austria are certainly providing for lots of drama. I’ve already reported on the furore provoked by the FPO’s election poster “Love for the homeland instead of Moroccan thieves”. Here comes some more colourful incident.

The Socialist Youth organisation JUSOS recently reported that its association building had been vandalised and set on fire. Dozens of swastikas had been daubed on the walls. A sofa had been burned while two students were sleeping nearby. It was attempted murder! Evil Nazis were poised for a comeback, it seemed, ready to take over Austria again! The media loved this story and lapped it up.


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3 Replies to “Today must be Irrational leftism day.”

  1. When the Left can find no evidence of a real crime, they invent one themselves, because that’s what the Left are all about, ‘pretending’.
    When there is mass unemployment, Leftist governments create ‘pretend’ jobs in order to drain the taxpayers of money, which is why the Left believe in a big government and a big civil service. When there is a perceived notion that a certain political situation exists then the Left will ‘pretend’ that such a situation exists.
    Here’s a little parable to explain all this:
    A man goes to the Doctor and tells him that he wants to be a dog. He explains that he has always felt as if he wants to be a dog and feels as if he is a dog trapped in a man’s body.
    Under a Right Wing health policy, the answer would be:
    “I’m afraid that you’re not a dog but a human being. That is the truth of the matter.
    We can offer you psychiatric counseling to come to terms with this, but otherwise get over it.”
    Under a Left-Wing system, the answer would be:
    “That’s fine, we’ll operate straight away. We’ll remove your hands, replace them with paws and transplant a tail onto your ass, all at the taxpayer’s expense. You’ll still look like a human being with paws and tail but don’t worry we’ll give you official documents saying that you’re a dog and anyone who disagrees with this will be prosecuted for saying that you’re not a dog as they are discriminating against you. Even if you’re not really a dog, everyone will have to ‘pretend’ that you are!”
    In other words the Left, as well as trying to reinvent the human race, are very good at pretending that their ideals are best and the rest of society will have to go along with it and naturally, of course, the rest of society will have to pay for it. When the Left can’t make society go along with their views then they create a ‘pretend’ scenario to make everyone buy their agenda, and that is why, in the article above they had to ‘pretend’ that Neo-Nazis had set fire to their building because there weren’t any real Neo-Nazis there to do so!

  2. The pretence of the Left means that we all have to pretend that Lesbian couples can have children, pretend that someone who is born a man is actually a woman because a hack surgeon has castrated him and given him pills to grow breasts, pretend that Islam is peaceful, pretend that Israel is a fascist state, and pretend that Americans are stupid Imperialist bastards.
    Idealists want to change bad to good and try to do something about it, Leftists want us all to pretend bad is good and do nothing about it!

  3. Sorry for my third post but here we go:
    Leftists want us all to play the ‘pretend’ game by constantly renaming things. The best way to pretend that an orange is an apple is to rename it and call it an apple.
    That is why political correctness has changed the English language: For example, blind people are now called ‘visually challenged’ because that way we can pretend that they are not really blind. Instead of working hard to find a cure for blindness, Leftists believe that if you rename it then it doesn’t exist. There are many other examples of renaming that the Left partake in and it’s all about pretence once again. The actions of all Leftists can be summed up in three brief points:
    1. Rename things
    2. Bring in legislation to force people to ‘pretend’
    3. Spend everyone Else’s money

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