Islamic brotherhood on ‘good will’ (infiltration and kitman) tour in the U.S.A.

Remember this excerpt painstakingly extracted from this event? Well here is a CNN clip on the whole tour. I must say, it is pleasing to hear the cautious tone of this clip as opposed to the jubilation one has come to expect when terrorists and their supporters and co-ideologues come to visit in an official capacity.

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7 Replies to “Islamic brotherhood on ‘good will’ (infiltration and kitman) tour in the U.S.A.”

  1. The US can carve off $1.5Bn for Egypt to buy armaments for use against Israel, give the MB VIP treatment at the White House, outreach all they want, but the Egyptians will still hate them.

  2. @Dallas: OORAAHHH, nothing like paying your enemies to kill you, huh? Considering the MB’s long-standing ranks as one of terrorist support orgs., along with hamas and hizbollah, al quieda, and all the rest of these inbred, 6th century window lickers, one ‘might’ get the impression that giving egypt billions at this particular time, might be…ummm….well…..unwise?!?!
    Man, what this must be doing to our standing across the world with our historical allies! To have a sitting ‘president’ offending so many in support of worldwide muslim domination….this is going to take decades to repair, if ever, our ‘former’ relationships with some of them!!!

  3. The Obama-administration is completely pro-brotherhood, there can be no doubt about it.

    That means that the most powerful power in the world is now working for the creation of a sunni-caliphate and extermination of the jewish people in Israel.

    What insanity!

  4. Obama has been selling out the US and Western civilization to the Moslems ever since he tool office. Eeyore I hope the evidence you are talking about is so much that even the Dems have to realize what is happening.

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