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2 Replies to “Interesting SUN video on atheism by Brian Lilley”

  1. Communism is an ideology that does not recognise any authority higher then the state. Thus, a communist state, with atheists at the head, such as Stalin or Mao, can do anything they deem as in the interest of the state, without any fear of a higher authority. As compulsion is part and parcel of the communist totalitarian state, Mao and Stalin, could engage in mass murder to further communist policy, without a qualm.

    A communist state is always susceptible to engage in mass murder. Sometimes the mass murder is “limited”, as in some communist states, and sometimes not.

  2. And Islam is an ideology that recognises an authority higher then the state. Thus, an Islamist state, with Allah as the head, can do anything it deems is the will of Allah, without fear of a state’s justice. The debate rages on . . .

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