Thoughts on the Upcoming Trial of Anders Behring Breivik

Written by Fjordman:

April 5 2012

Those who follow the news probably know that the trial of the terrorist and mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is fast approaching. It will begin on April 16 and last until late June. If he or his counsel appeals and there is a retrial, it has already been decided that the second trial in a higher court will begin in January 2013 and will last for some weeks.


The original psychiatric review of Breivik was made by the court-appointed psychiatrists Torgeir Husby and Synne Sørheim in the autumn of 2011. They concluded that ABB is criminally insane and suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. This triggered a massive outcry, especially from members of the left-wing press, who claim that Breivik is part of a vast and dangerous movement of violent right-wing extremists. They have been conducting a campaign of character assassination against Husby and Sørheim ever since. The court in Oslo finally gave in to media pressure and appointed a second team of psychiatrists, who are expected to publish their conclusions on April 10, just days before the trial begins.


The original report by Husby and Sørheim was confidential, yet almost all of it was later published online by the national Norwegian newspaper VG., one of Norway’s leading independent websites, writer Christian Skaug has translated this original forensic psychiatric statement into English for the benefit of non-Scandinavian readers.


Norway used to be a quiet place. The atrocities committed by Breivik constitute the biggest news story to appear in that country since the Second World War. Nearly 500 journalists are scheduled to follow the trial. Several hundred of these represent the international press, from the BBC and CNN to Russian, German and Japanese newspapers.


The list of witnesses is slowly becoming clear, although a few details are still uncertain. It seems likely that I will be called upon to give testimony, too. It general, according to Norwegian law you are legally obliged to do so if the court asks you to do so. I have told the press that I can testify if we can find some practical way of arranging this. The political establishment in my country of birth want to put as much pressure as possible on dissidents of any kind. They will shamelessly exploit this case for that end, and I am Public Enemy Number Two (after ABB). Several observers want to blame me personally for mass murder for allegedly being Breivik’s “mentor,” although I’ve never once met him.


The other witnesses include survivors from the terror attacks and members of the police, the Islamic terrorist supporter Mullah Krekar, the former leader of the Progress Party Carl I. Hagen, one well-known neo-Nazi as well as some self-appointed experts on “right-wing extremism.” The witness list keeps expanding and growing more bizarre. The trial unfortunately looks set to become a circus — Circus Breivik.


I deeply regret this development. We should remember that this is first and foremost about his 77 murdered victims, as well as the families and friends of those victims, who will never see their loved ones again. In addition to them are those who were physically or mentally wounded, plus the many other survivors. Breivik traumatized an entire nation with his atrocities, and I fear that this trial could make matters worse rather than heal wounds.


I also fear that the scenario I’ve just described would suit Breivik just fine. Whatever ideological reasons might exist for these evil acts in his twisted mind are probably quite secondary. All indications are that the primary reason why he did what he did was that ABB is an extreme narcissist with no conscience who thrives on any kind of personal attention.


Anders Behring Breivik essentially viewed his terror attacks and the ensuing trial as one giant reality TV show centered around himself, and he now seems to be getting exactly what he wanted.


I have been mixed up in this case very much against my will. If I have to testify, this will probably happen at some point in June. Over the next few months, most of my time and mental energy will be dedicated to the trial and the Breivik case or issues closely related to these events, such as the media coverage of the trial. I apologize to long-term readers for this unfortunate circumstance.


I hope to get back to writing about a variety of issues, as I have always done, as soon as possible, but I doubt this will happen until next autumn. I hope you understand my situation.


I have repeatedly been asked whether I am writing a book about my experience of the Breivik case and its aftermath. The answer is that I am seriously considering such an option and already have some material, but nothing has been formalized yet. If I do write such a book it will be written in English first and then translated into other languages.


I have begun an assessment at the Gates of Vienna blog of whether or not Breivik is insane. I cannot provide a definitive answer to this question since I have never met him, but I will try to evaluate the publicly available evidence — including the second forensic psychiatric statement when its conclusions have been announced — to the best of my abilities and as objectively as possible. I am currently in the final stages of reading through and analyzing Breivik’s so-called manifesto and will continue my assessment when this is done.

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6 Replies to “Thoughts on the Upcoming Trial of Anders Behring Breivik”

  1. Breivik was not insane. He knew he was going to commit a terrible crime and so adjusted his mind to the evil act he was about to commit and justified it in terms of history and that in centuries to come when the Europeans will be a small scared minority in their own land and they will see him as a Sitting Bull. Sure leftists have loads of blood on their hands and are ready to justify any evil act but these were a bunch of trendy lefty youth playing politics whose opinions were not fully formed and might have changed their minds in a few years despite their enthusiasm for Hamas. Instead Breivik decided he was judge jury and executioner and that is what makes him evil he struck out at the nominally innocent rather than the real culprits like Mullah Krekar. That leftist strategists and opportunists like Galloway and Livingstone are engaged knowingly in population replacement there cannot be any doubt. Also that many people that he identified also benefit from mass immigration including his own family members. Breivik rationalised that he was doing a lesser evil to prevent a bigger one. He was probably living an isolated life playing WOW and reading this counter jihad stuff where his fantasy took off and he became dissaociated with reality. Thinking he was part of the Knights Templar. This stuff swirled around his head and he decided he had to save Europe. The thing is his diagnosis and reasoning was correct and sane but his treatment was not tactically sound and morally evil. I think he did meet with someone who is tied in with Sierra Leone but that again formed part of his fantasy. He was probably the only member of his group but I imagine he did associate with neo nazis on forums as they seem to be the only ones who agreed with his decision to take out leftists.

    So the question is how does the nationalist combat this population replacement?
    This is the question that must not be asked by anyone as its a pandora’s box; even though history provides the answer. No one is asking this question yet its central to what Breivik did. Who tried to refute the evidence he presented in his document? You want to understand Breivik you need to ask this question. Ask yourself why does no one speak Welsh east of Offa’s dyke? What happened to the population of Rome when Tortila the Goth evicted its inhabitants? Why do the San inhabit only the Kalahari? or even….what happened to the Jews and Christians of Arabia after the 7th century? Every year the percentage of immigrants becomes larger and their influence on the host society stronger. What do you do? Do you try and build your vote knowing time and demographics are against you as in you have until 2083 when you will be like Emma West ranting on the tram? Is Wilders the saviour? Do you wait until the muslims shoot themselves in the foot and ignite a general European war? Is there is any other way to stop these policies of vested business, government and ethnic groups from replacing your population? What peaceful means are open to reverse them? There is no point attacking the naive universalist as it accomplishes little and that person as an individual has no influence. Also opinions and thoughts change over time. A lefty 15 year old might be a die hard conservative at 30. If you attack them as a group you are dismissed as mad and you are only achieving the population replacement faster and playing into the population replacer hands. This was Breivik. Would Breivik killing one Mullah Krekar have delivered the same message? kill 1 scare 1000. Who would condemn him? I think most Norwegians would be happy. Would stumbling on a bunch of asylum seekers raping one of your maidens on the steps of parliament and blowing them all away ala Dirty Harry do it? Say you will do it again and again until the population replacement policies are ceased and reversed. If known preachers of hate are targeted (which they are in places like Yemen by the US so its not a first) and at the same time let it slip that known population replacers in government business etc could be next as their policies are causing these rapes crimes etc a change may occur. What lower wage seeking industrialist wants to die or contemplate dying for money and replacing his host societies’ working class community with Tunisian goat herders that want to rape his infidel daughter in the name of jihad?

    Breivik was sane and knew exactly what he was doing. This trial will reopen wounds but it will also if discussed in the right way focus the minds of the opinion and policy makers that their decisions will lead to more Breiviks as people will resist their replacement. The question is how they resist. We are not Hamas.

  2. I reccomend very highly that people reading this page go to the “into english” link that Fjordman provides. The assessment was quite easy to read. The comments benieth it are worth reading as well but are a bit more technical.

    OT Oh this is toooo perfect! The verification cartoon for this comment was to take the knife to the shower curtain a la Psycho! HA!

  3. It is ridiculous that Fjordman is being drawn into this. Psychiatrists are appropriate wintesses for this trial but Fjordman and various Imams are absolutely not appropriate as any “evidence” they give will be completely irrelevant to the case. They might as well make the creators of World of Warcraft testify.

    According to The Guardian, Brievik spent over ten times more on both Nationalist sites and on main stream media sites than he did on anti jihad interest sites (he only ever visited about 11). Will they subpoena Bill O’ Reilley or the publishers of MSNBC or The New York Times? If Brieviks reading habbits are to be considered relevant than those sources are far more relevant than Fjordman to this case.

    And they aren’t relevant because Brievik is, according to psychiatric nomenclature, Mad As A Hatter.

  4. “Public Enemy Number Two” Nice one Fjordman! After reading the 40-page summary of the psychiatric evaluation, I’m convinced that Breivik is completely insane. DNA screening of the population in order to elect a new king? What’s the chance it’ll be Breivik? Better choose a crowning name in advance, just in case. Sounds perfectly sane to me! Are other scandinavians outside Norway also allowed in the DNA-screening? Perhaps I’ll be the next king of Norway? Seriously, there should be no trial, at least not with Breivik present. Breivik belongs in the psychiatric ward, where he will remain for a very long time.

  5. Osynlige Mannen “Breivik belongs in the psychiatric ward, where he will remain for a very long time.”

    Indeed. In Norway he can only be in prison for around 20 years. But if he is put in an institution for the criminally insane (which is more akin to a prison than a country club) he can (and would) be kept there forever.

    It will also prevent him from becoming a hero or martyr to the wrong sort. Unlike as with imprisoned cop killers whom lefties are always turning into heros, people are still reluctant lionize anyone who’s kept in the nuthatch.

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