Denmark: Immigrants caught stealing from hospitalized children

“How low can you go?”

Translated from Danish by Nicolai Sennels,

Jyllands-Posten April 2nd “Five youths stole from hospitalized children“:

The police have arrested five young immigrants for stealing from the children’s ward at Rigshospitalet (Denmark’s biggest hospital). Monday morning a nurse called Copenhagen Police. “At 11:02 we were told that five young immigrants have been detained at the children’s ward at Rigshospitalet where they had been caught stealing,” says police officer John Hansen from Copenhagen Police. The five youths were resisting arrest when police arrived at the hospital which is located at Nørrebro.

“They quite violently resisted arrest so we had to send three police cars in order to make the arrest. …” says John Hansen. Now the police are investigating if the youths are also connected to a series of other thefts that have been taking place at the hospital for quite some time. ‘We suspect them for being a group of thieves that has been stealing from Rigs hospital the last two months.'”

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3 Replies to “Denmark: Immigrants caught stealing from hospitalized children”

  1. The mahoundians’ resistance to arrest, and the need for a lot of backup for the cops to do their jobs, sure is a sign of the new “multicultural” Scandinavia (mahoundian marching towards monoculture, that is.) I’m sure those cops who first arrived on the scene must have been used to handcuffing ethnic Danish crime suspects by politely and calmly asking them “Can you please stretch your arms and get your hands close to each other, so I can put these on your wrists?”, but that could never work with black-cube-worshipping inbred bedouin savages.

    Those cops had better learn from the example of American cops on how to deal with suspects resisting arrest (and that includes using Krav Maga and lethal force whenever necessary; and, since we’re talking mahoundians here, that will be necessary just about every time they confront mahound’s followers.)

  2. Connected with other hospital thefts or not, what kind of scum low- lifes steal from kids in the hospital ? …The lowest of the low. I hope they get their asses kicked.

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