Two, probably unrelated stories, from Luton.

This is interesting. Police are probing a fire at a Luton mosque

Burning mosque in Luton

Here is an interesting story about that same mosque!

There has been a vote of no confidence passed in the mosque management committee at the Bury Park Mosque in Luton. This followed a petition signed by 500 local people. A temporary management committee was elected to run the mosque for eight weeks until a new committee can be formally elected with the help of outside observers. The protesters objected to the way in which the former imam, Mufti Abdul Hannan, had been dismissed and they wanted to know why the mosque was in debt and why extension work had not been carried out. The mosque is reported to be £26,000 in debt with a further £150,000 needed to complete the extension work. There were further disturbances in the mosque on Friday 24th June when police were called. There were unconfirmed rumours of a stabbing in the mosque but police found no evidence of this. The road was sealed off and police were stationed outside the mosque for some time. It is reported that a police radio was stolen during the incident. [BMMS June 1994 Vol. II, No. 6, p. 16/17]

As I say, probably unrelated. But interesting.


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  1. “”Anwar Hussain, the mosque’s cultural secretary, said its leaders were angry about what had happened. “People are going to be very upset when they come for prayers,” he said. “But we will tell them to remain calm.””

    Whenever something happens in a Muslim enclave there is always a plea ‘to remain calm’. It’s like living next door to timebombs.

  2. I have no doubt that even PCs (pun intentional) are able to check the buildings insurance policy before incriminating anyone in arson.

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