Michael Coren on the Muslim Marriage Manual

Once again we see the dangerous and irritating slight of hand of moral and cultural relativism as Michael’s guest tries to make the utterly irrelevent point that other religions can advocate violence.

Not only is it moral relativism as the context is utterly different, but even if she was right does that make importing more forms of violent savagery OK?

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3 Replies to “Michael Coren on the Muslim Marriage Manual”

  1. WOW! Michael asked her to come back! He’s a real glutton for punishment. This woman perfectly examplify the ‘overly educated for the size of her brain’ feminist in our society today. Now I regret watching that clip.

  2. Actually I wish he had more like her. That kind of thinking is so common in the left that it is urgent that we trash it publicly as often and as many ways as we can.

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