Churches condemn Saudi fatwa

For once I think we could learn something from the Saudis. Why not give back in kind?

From The Tablet:

30 March 2012

German and Austrian church leaders have condemned a call by Saudi Arabia’s Muslim Grand Mufti for the destruction of Christian places of worship throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

“The Mufti clearly lacks any respect for religious freedom and the peaceful coexistence of religions. We stand firmly committed to religious freedom for everyone in our country, and we demand the same rights no less emphatically for Christians in countries where Muslims form the majority,” said Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, president of Germany’s bishops’ conference.

The archbishop was reacting to the mid-March declaration by Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the highest Saudi religious authority, who said Muhammad had decreed that “only one religion should exist in the Arabian Peninsula” and that existing churches should be destroyed.

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3 Replies to “Churches condemn Saudi fatwa”

  1. Well FINALLY someone is calling the Muslim on its complete hypocrisy. The Archbishop spoke out, and so should every other leader who talks the talk of tolerance and equality and yet up until now has been too cowardly to say anything!

    Time for our pathological politically-correct niceness to make way for a realistic approach to things. Doesn’t mean we’re not NICE, just means we’re no longer DOORMATS.

  2. I have been trying to say this for yonks, no non-muslim places of worship on the arabian penisular, fine, no muslim places of worship off the arabian penisular. Exactly what they propose for churches is what should immediatly happen to all mosques, madrasa’s etc, what is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

  3. This was how the Europeans removed Islam the first and second times they tried to conquer Europe. Yes the west will end up playing tit for tat and outrage for outrage before this war is finished.

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