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2 Replies to “interesting perspective on evolution”

  1. Bishop: “we [religious] are asking why was the world created and what is the purpose of life on earth”

    This is disingenuous. I have never met a Believer who did not claim to have these very answers after being spoon-fed by their priests.

    The sentence then can only make sense if it stated as “we [the elite who practice priestcraft] are asking why was the world created and what is the purpose of life on earth,” because no priest goes out to do suicide bombing. Their faith is someone go out and do it in their place.

    Thus it shares the pseudo-science fraud with things like say, ‘Quantum Touch’ for healing without a doctor.

  2. He is right in stating that religion and science operate on different levels. No argument there.
    However, when you discuss/debate science vs religion, more often then not, the supporters of religion, when confronted with a question they cannot answer, will simply revert to the usual ‘I base this belief on my faith’ answer. As we all know, faith cannot be analyzed, proven or disproved. That is a very safe and risk free answer.
    With science, the answers are found through trials and errors and long studies, which eventually lead to more questions and more research. Things can eventually be proven or disproved when this is done properly.
    Of course we don’t know all the answers and between faith and research, I have faith in the research . . .

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