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6 Replies to “Charles Adler: Canada unable to deport Muslim serial rapist and violent criminal illegal-immigrant”

  1. I listened carefully and this lawyer keeps repeating that this (these individuals) are foreign nationals – in other words, not Canadians. This clearly should be first and foremost the one factor to immediately booth them out of the country.
    I also agree that the victim should have a say.
    In most cases, I firmly believe that these perverts wouldn’t like to be returned to their country of origin as they would likely be chastized, especially after the Canadian Government made sure that the deportation order was made very public through all the media outlets possible.

  2. The entire west has too much compassion, deport the criminals to their home nation no matter what will happen to them there, get them out of our nations.

  3. Ramjetejmar, you are kidding, right? Chastised for serial rape in their home country? Get serious, when a woman is raped in a muslim country, SHE is the one who goes to prison. For men, rape is considered a sporting event.

  4. Letting the victim have a say in the sentence is just bullshit. Fear of reprisal, pressure, bribery might produce unwanted results. We’re ALL potential victims of this parasitic vermin and as such, we all should decide their fate. The potential problem being of course the hordes of infantile effeminate “academics” that have been turned out by the western educational system and which constitute the bulk of westerners today.

  5. first of all round up all these bullshit lawyers and politicians and charge them with treason against Christianity then let the subhuman scum have it 😛
    rapist and he can not be returned I am fuming.. where the fuck are all the feminist groups when this is happening to our girls? lying down or Bending over for muslim cock 🙁

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