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9 Replies to “Muslim Mass murderer’s father suing France”

  1. Oh I’m sorry Mr. Merah, that the French police acted so incompetently and shot your beloved son in the head like he did to that 8 year old schoolgirl.

    Here is Truthiocities official message of condolance to you:


    You should feel honored. It’s the same apology I sent Pakistan over our disrespecting of their sovreignity when we killed Bin Laden. Hey at least your son died the same way Bin Ladin did. Let that be some confort to you.

  2. These barbarians believe in an eye for an eye, he shot 7 people so good he is gone. Good they shot him dead, if he was alive the taxpayer had to pay for this scum all his bloody damn life. Good riddance.

  3. The bastard must be very proud of his son. It must take real guts to gun down an 8 year old girl and a couple of even younger unarmed boys in cold blood. What a hero eh?

    You are absolutely right Leo. Very astute Truthiosity:)

    F22Ross on Twitter

  4. Didn’t the guy make a final death charge and force the police to finish him off? I was under the impression that they did want to take him alive, but that the death charge made that impossible. I think Daddy is likely just as guilty as his son; he obviously feels no remorse whatsoever for what he did. He knows about the death charge as well as he knows that he is being disingenuous. If I was the cops, I would watch that guy 24/7.

  5. Chris in fact the police spent 30 hours in negotiations with the guy and that, even after he shot at least 2 policemen through a closed door. Frankly I think they should have shit him far earlier. But it does prove the utter BS of the fathers claim and sentiments. It is clearly just ‘legal jihad’

  6. Muslims are the World’s worst parents. They create dysfunctional families and the entire chain of abuse gets passed down from generation to generation and has done for over a thousand years. I expect nothing less from the parent of a murdering inbred scumbag.
    Like father, like son!

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