It has become important to ‘decode’ TV now rather than watch it.

If one reads the page, “Agenda and views of this site” it is clearly explained that Western mass media now uses code, or omits important facts altogether rather than reports what actually is taking place in order to preserve the precious multicultural narrative at any and all costs it would seem.

As a consequence, one now watches TV and reads newspapers with a mind to attempt to decrypt what is said or what ‘evidence’ is presented in order to come close to the truth. Often a truth that does indeed reveal itself sooner or later, but not until the multi-culti meme has properly implanted itself into the story.

This may well be another one. Please click over to live leak to read one persons analysis on a story out of the US. The video is embedded below. But it is important to read the accounts of this story as it has been presented.

It is a fair to even bet of course that this will turn out to be an honour killing, and if so, it will be interesting to see if the NYT represents it as such, or if they let the story die as if it was a ‘hate crime’ with Muslims as the perpetual victims, even while they are the perpetual offender.

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