Some aspects of France need to be examined in the wake of the Toulouse attacks

1. Thankfully there are only dozens. Given estimates of something like, ‘five million muslims’ in France, this seems a very low number actually and quite hopeful.

Officials: Dozens of French Muslims training with Taliban in Pakistan:

2. It is however, a good time to be in the granite and marble business in France today…

France: Dozens of Jewish graves desecrated:

3. It would appear that Mohamed’s brother may have had some involvement in the shooting at the Jewish school in France

Report: Laptop of shooter’s brother located near school:

4. …and is being formally charged for it

French authorities presented Islamist gunman Mohamed Merah’s older brother to a judge on Sunday to face charges related to terrorist acts in which seven people were killed in southern France earlier this week.:

5. French teacher asks class for a minute of silence to honour Mohamed Merah, the jihadi-murderer

From Yahoo News:




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  1. Yes it was an organized attack, the question is how organized and by whom? As for the number dozens, I would think the number is probably in the hundreds, remember only about 1/4 of all rapes are reported using that as a base line the number of known French in the training camps is probably 3 to 10 times what is reported.

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